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Old Friend

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Thursday, April 21, 2005


Snap Election Now

Snap Election Now!

Dear Jack Layton,

There is everything to gain and nothing to loose by not waiting until November as Paul Martin and the Liberals request.

Once the writ is dropped, ministers offices will be off limits to those who would continue to find, remove and shred Sponsorship evidence.

It takes weeks to go through files and sort out incriminating evidence. Martin and the Liberals want to keep office keys until November for good reason. Time to clear the foxes from the hen house now.

Harper and the Conservatives are stalling because of a slowly rising poll count. The NDP are losing face for doing nothing at all. Now is the time for the NDP to act and to be recognized for doing the right thing.

The NDP has an obligation to outline to Canadians, the urgent reasons
For going to the polls now. Enough time has been wasted while we sit on our hands as the Liberals cover their tracks.

Elections costs must be paid in any case, sooner or later. It is just one more Liberal invoked expense.

Liberals have lost our confidence. They simply can not get Canada’s business done in this ham-strung, self - defense mode.

Time for the NDP to step to the plate and earn Canadian voter respect; Time to build a larger NDP following.

Sincerely, Anthony Robinson

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Keeping It Short

Keep it Short

Some of my ramblings here are so long and involved they could never be called effective as a letter.

The short bullet letter is more like it though. Can you jot a short effective note to government? Be nice to see a few good ones here.

There must be sites where one could find good examples of current topic letters to government, but I was not able to find them.

That’s why I thought this blog could be useful. You know, just copy a note to government that fits your topic and paste it to an email to

Try your hand at it and post here . Keeping it short and effective is not always that easy. To a politician a written letter equals a thousand votes and an email is worth five hundred.



A Short Bullet Note

A Short Bullet Note Demand

@ 146 million fraud with office equipment and HP.
@ The bottomless Sponsorship Scandal.
@ The outrageous cost to look into the Sponsorship scandal.
@ Massive leaking of public monies in Defense and other ministries.

This note is a polite demand to learn what your government will commit to do to safeguard public monies from being squandered in future.
These massive losses of our wealth contribute to an ongoing steep decline of our daily life quality in Canada.

Waiting for more than two years for knee surgery is not at all acceptable as a living standard for Canadians.
Your reply to this question will determine our choice of the next government of Canada

Monday, April 18, 2005


The Back Door

Liberal Government Weakness was ;
The Back Door

I knew when I read about the guy who climbed Cretien’s fence and walked about the bedrooms that Jean only focused on the front door issues and didn’t stay sharp about the details.

Trudeau had a more detailed awareness of things. He would have picked up on the lax security and snapped directives to achieve a more tightly run ship. Jean on the other hand handles the front door issues well, but seems to ignore the goings on at the back door , like the wholesale shoveling out of tax money.

Harper will likely win the next election. Canadians can not possibly be stupid enough to put the Liberal gang back in, can they? The Liberal gang that except for a few good ministers, just lost their grip on values that made this country Canada.

Our Canadian lifestyle is fading quickly, or didn’t you notice. Soon we’ll be just another ordinary land with nothing special to be proud of. Are we going to just sit by and let Lester Pearson’s, Tommy Douglas’s, and other heroes great works go down the drain? Time to focus and reverse our Canadian lifestyle losses!

Canadian Lifestyle Dies
Public Taken by Surprise

The average taxpayer is busy. Reads about millions of tax dollars lost through Government scandal and fraud.

Reads about globe trotting, trough fattened elite groups spending millions to party in Iceland. If you want to improve markets, just bus southward. There is a big one that needs work just over the border.

Reads about Canadians losing retirement savings and homes due to corporate and stock market fraud. The banks do not even pursue Real Estate fraud artists. They bring in mortgage business and insurance protects the banks while homeowners lose everything . See (CBC W5 archives)

Taxpayers suffer shocking price increases set by associations such as, Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Legal and others. Prices that are fixed; non-negotiable; non competitive. Price fixing? There aught to be a law! Anti-combines?

Suffer shocking cost increases by Provincial governments, raising fees at many times the inflation rate.

The media covers many of these stories, but provides no particular focus. The focus should be on regaining our Canadian lifestyle!

Where is the headline…”Canadian Lifestyle is Dying”

When sick or injured persons are sent home from Hospital Emergency because seniors can not be moved to a ward upstairs, and some of those people die at home because they can’t get back to emergency in time, Well, that is both un-Canadian and un-American.

Waiting times for knee surgery extending beyond two years is extremely un-Canadian also.

Our Canadian way of life is dying here! We do need to focus on reversing this overall huge loss. We sure as hell better do something.

The rich and greedy don’t seem to realize that if you cripple too many people, the public mood will change, people will become angry and scared into not spending. Inflation will ruin everything, including the value of unfair, unconscionable profits hoarded by the rich. The greedy will then have cheated themselves.

We should save the greedy from losing their surplus profits, because if they loose, we loose everything too, only more so.

We better do something now. When too many people are living in tents and dumpster-diving, they gather, get whipped up, and begin smashing businesses, grabbing the goods they have no way of gaining otherwise.

Governments are so busy enjoying the good life, they seem to miss seeing the big truck bearing down on us in time to help us avoid being collectively run over. That’s the case with gasoline. There should have been alternate energy systems in widespread use by now. Did you see in the news, that a refinery in Texas was blown away recently?

Refineries require huge capital investment and so they are relatively few. I sure hope they have excellent security, because it seems to me the economy of both North and South America could be flattened over-night by aiming at this Achilles heel. You don’t suppose our sudden gas price increase is to cover costs for the Texas refinery and to protect other plants ?

Letters to Governments demanding that laws be more carefully enforced is a start towards regaining our Canadian life style. You could send a simple shopping list of problems to the Prime Minister’s office and sign it with “Fix this or lose our vote!”

Don’t forget to mention insurance in your list. Not only have premiums soared, but did you notice?; deductibles have also gone up. That’s called , “ nailing them at both ends“. Also be informed; each of all those extra questions on the insurance application provide them with a possible way to avoid paying a legitimate claim all - together. Ever wonder why there are more questions to answer now than what the norm used to be? That’s where the bonuses Gordon paid out to his managers came from.

There aught to be a law! Profits are great. I love profits. It’s corporate gouging schemes that are killing our lifestyle.

Best for now, TonyGuitar


How to get elected

How to get Elected

Health care is under the knife,…are age and disability pensions next?

The wealthy can be allowed to pay for care and go to the front of the line, so, yes, health care can be two tiered or graduated according to income. This way overall health care will remain affordable. Income tax is graduated and thus medical payments can be based upon annual tax assessment values.

Guarantee that pensions and disability support will be protected. Any cuts in these areas would be a major and costly mistake. Cutting pensions and disability support would cause seniors and the disabled to require personal care, running up massive public debt.

Caregivers are organized and correctly so. They earn a much greater income than any pension the government provides. Just turning 65, the OAP and the supplementary pensions make a world of difference to me, and they will to you when your time for pensions comes.

Promise to restore and repair our failing Canadian lifestyle.

Many different problems, like the sponsorship fraud, corporations frauds, professional associations price fixing, provincial government service fees, permits, licenses and other costs rising at many times beyond inflation eat away at our quality of life in Canada.

Provincial governments giving away our resources to giant resource firms in return for financial help to win elections and the raising of Hydro electric and Auto insurance rates also drain away our ability to do things and go places in Canada.

The result of these many excesses simply reduces everyone’s ability to realize their goals in Canada. Our Life quality is the single victim of most problems.

Getting Elected in Canada requires a focus upon reversing losses to our life quality values, before we descend further into the realm of third world countries. Countries that have little or no real life quality to offer.

One very good thing should come from the federal government’s sponsorship fiasco, and that will likely be much better accounting and control of our tax monies into the future. A very real and worthy gain for Canadians.

Elected politicians will likely hold office longer if they are able to install integrity in both government and the Corporate world . In other words, the government who works hard to restore value to our collective lives for everyone in Canada can stand a good chance of remaining in power.

Otherwise, a government who continues to give undue advantage to corporations and special interest groups can likely count on being sacked in the short term.

Canadians are sick of being assumed as having bottomless pockets.

Focus on saving our Canadian life - style. Focus on leaving enough wealth in our pockets to allow a healthy marketplace and reasonable employment.

Let us know that restoring and repairing our better way of life in Canada is your focus and you can very likely expect to be a winner at the poles.

Tony Guitar


Canada Dilemma

The Canadian Dilemma

With the ever growing flood of tax monies flowing to governments, we have every right to expect repair and improvement of our Great Canadian Lifestyle.

Our quality of life in Canada is being eaten away,… failing in fact!
How can that be? It is really not logical. Have you noticed? Auto insurance and deductibles both up beyond inflation. BC government fees, licenses and permits away up and professional fees are through the roof and firmly fixed;
no competition allowed or you are barred permanently. Is this Canada?

Maybe it is logical. Paul Martin laid off his Canadian shipping crews and took on foreign workers who, coming from a desperate country, accepted lower wage rates.

Martin and his shareholders are wealthy. They could have kept their Canadian crew members on with possible savings due to professional ability.
The politics of the penny pinching switch seem stupid somehow.

No, Martin does not seem to be the right man to restore our valued Canadian way of life.

Harper? Don’t think so. Harper would have the Fraser Institute run Canada like a Corporation. Cancel all benefits, build the bottom line, reduce wages from $20 average to $7 giving Corporations and business even more profit while workers now have the goal of $20 an hour to shoot for. Facetious?
Yes, but you get the idea.

Harper? Doubt it!

Jack Layton? Well, possibly, I guess, campaign funding may be difficult for the NDP.

Jack would prefer not to give raw logs to the forestry giants in return for campaign funds.

Jack would like to see a free marketplace and competitive pricing among corporations. So corporations may not be very supportive to the NDP campaign.

He may also not approve of how dental, veterinary, medical and other associations are allowed to fix prices at the highest possible levels, killing off any chance of price completion entirely.

I simply can not afford to pay those gold-plated professional fees, so my dog continues to suffer quietly until a scratch-card wins or a ship comes in.
Looks like I am going to vote NDP to regain life quality in Canada.

The Liberals gave us some great programs, but they were mostly due to Lester B. Pearson and that’s a long time ago. Is there any shred of idealism in today’s Liberal Party?

Today it seems like the NDP are the ones who will protect great programs like the OAP and Health Care.

If Jack Layton and the NDP can protect these great plans and even streamline them somewhat, I shall most certainly vote NDP.

If the NDP were also able to moderate some out-of-line prices in the market place and thus repair and improve our fading Canadian Lifestyle, I would be prone to vote the NDP in for the second term as well.

Common sense, nest pas?

Sunday, April 17, 2005

This blog is for ideas in concise form to create short but effective demand letters to governments, both Federal and Provincial..

This will be useful to those who would demand positive action of government, to put controls in place to stop pilferage of our general revenues.

Busy people who want to do something active, but have limited time, may copy a note, edit it, and paste it to E-mail, or print - out for free regular post..

Under the load of various news stories, there seems to be little or no central focus. Without focus, people tend not to protest.

The usual effects of most bad news are cuts to our standard of living. We can write goverment demanding effective fixes for money wasting problems.

Letters and email are proven to activate governments. A group of similar letters represent a much larger group of voters. More than anything, the party in power wants to stay in power. Martin promised controls. Let's push him.

We can also suggest that an alternate government may be chosen if this party is not inclined to correct the problems outlined in our note.

Thus, the Blog is your source for effective letters for action from government.
Use it or lose it. It's so easy, and getting our health care back is worth it!



Prod Government

This blog will provide ideas in concise form with a view to creating short but effective demand letters to Provincial and Federal Governments..

The letters are useful to those who want to demand positive action from the Canadian Government.

Busy people want to do something active, but have limited time. One may copy a note, edit it, and paste it into an E-mail to government, or print & p0st it.

Under the load of various news stories, there seems to be little or no central focus. Without focus, people often fail to protest.

The common effect of most bad news is a cut to our standard of living in Canada. We can write goverment demanding a fix to problems. Above all, the party in power wants to stay in power. Letters work.

We may also suggest that an alternate party can be chosen if this party is unwilling to correct the general revenues losing problems outlined.

So, this Blog is your source for letters to activate government into placing fiscal controls where they will help rebuild our Canadian living standard and failing HealthCare System.


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