Monday, April 18, 2005


Canada Dilemma

The Canadian Dilemma

With the ever growing flood of tax monies flowing to governments, we have every right to expect repair and improvement of our Great Canadian Lifestyle.

Our quality of life in Canada is being eaten away,… failing in fact!
How can that be? It is really not logical. Have you noticed? Auto insurance and deductibles both up beyond inflation. BC government fees, licenses and permits away up and professional fees are through the roof and firmly fixed;
no competition allowed or you are barred permanently. Is this Canada?

Maybe it is logical. Paul Martin laid off his Canadian shipping crews and took on foreign workers who, coming from a desperate country, accepted lower wage rates.

Martin and his shareholders are wealthy. They could have kept their Canadian crew members on with possible savings due to professional ability.
The politics of the penny pinching switch seem stupid somehow.

No, Martin does not seem to be the right man to restore our valued Canadian way of life.

Harper? Don’t think so. Harper would have the Fraser Institute run Canada like a Corporation. Cancel all benefits, build the bottom line, reduce wages from $20 average to $7 giving Corporations and business even more profit while workers now have the goal of $20 an hour to shoot for. Facetious?
Yes, but you get the idea.

Harper? Doubt it!

Jack Layton? Well, possibly, I guess, campaign funding may be difficult for the NDP.

Jack would prefer not to give raw logs to the forestry giants in return for campaign funds.

Jack would like to see a free marketplace and competitive pricing among corporations. So corporations may not be very supportive to the NDP campaign.

He may also not approve of how dental, veterinary, medical and other associations are allowed to fix prices at the highest possible levels, killing off any chance of price completion entirely.

I simply can not afford to pay those gold-plated professional fees, so my dog continues to suffer quietly until a scratch-card wins or a ship comes in.
Looks like I am going to vote NDP to regain life quality in Canada.

The Liberals gave us some great programs, but they were mostly due to Lester B. Pearson and that’s a long time ago. Is there any shred of idealism in today’s Liberal Party?

Today it seems like the NDP are the ones who will protect great programs like the OAP and Health Care.

If Jack Layton and the NDP can protect these great plans and even streamline them somewhat, I shall most certainly vote NDP.

If the NDP were also able to moderate some out-of-line prices in the market place and thus repair and improve our fading Canadian Lifestyle, I would be prone to vote the NDP in for the second term as well.

Common sense, nest pas?

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