Monday, April 18, 2005


The Back Door

Liberal Government Weakness was ;
The Back Door

I knew when I read about the guy who climbed Cretien’s fence and walked about the bedrooms that Jean only focused on the front door issues and didn’t stay sharp about the details.

Trudeau had a more detailed awareness of things. He would have picked up on the lax security and snapped directives to achieve a more tightly run ship. Jean on the other hand handles the front door issues well, but seems to ignore the goings on at the back door , like the wholesale shoveling out of tax money.

Harper will likely win the next election. Canadians can not possibly be stupid enough to put the Liberal gang back in, can they? The Liberal gang that except for a few good ministers, just lost their grip on values that made this country Canada.

Our Canadian lifestyle is fading quickly, or didn’t you notice. Soon we’ll be just another ordinary land with nothing special to be proud of. Are we going to just sit by and let Lester Pearson’s, Tommy Douglas’s, and other heroes great works go down the drain? Time to focus and reverse our Canadian lifestyle losses!

Canadian Lifestyle Dies
Public Taken by Surprise

The average taxpayer is busy. Reads about millions of tax dollars lost through Government scandal and fraud.

Reads about globe trotting, trough fattened elite groups spending millions to party in Iceland. If you want to improve markets, just bus southward. There is a big one that needs work just over the border.

Reads about Canadians losing retirement savings and homes due to corporate and stock market fraud. The banks do not even pursue Real Estate fraud artists. They bring in mortgage business and insurance protects the banks while homeowners lose everything . See (CBC W5 archives)

Taxpayers suffer shocking price increases set by associations such as, Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Legal and others. Prices that are fixed; non-negotiable; non competitive. Price fixing? There aught to be a law! Anti-combines?

Suffer shocking cost increases by Provincial governments, raising fees at many times the inflation rate.

The media covers many of these stories, but provides no particular focus. The focus should be on regaining our Canadian lifestyle!

Where is the headline…”Canadian Lifestyle is Dying”

When sick or injured persons are sent home from Hospital Emergency because seniors can not be moved to a ward upstairs, and some of those people die at home because they can’t get back to emergency in time, Well, that is both un-Canadian and un-American.

Waiting times for knee surgery extending beyond two years is extremely un-Canadian also.

Our Canadian way of life is dying here! We do need to focus on reversing this overall huge loss. We sure as hell better do something.

The rich and greedy don’t seem to realize that if you cripple too many people, the public mood will change, people will become angry and scared into not spending. Inflation will ruin everything, including the value of unfair, unconscionable profits hoarded by the rich. The greedy will then have cheated themselves.

We should save the greedy from losing their surplus profits, because if they loose, we loose everything too, only more so.

We better do something now. When too many people are living in tents and dumpster-diving, they gather, get whipped up, and begin smashing businesses, grabbing the goods they have no way of gaining otherwise.

Governments are so busy enjoying the good life, they seem to miss seeing the big truck bearing down on us in time to help us avoid being collectively run over. That’s the case with gasoline. There should have been alternate energy systems in widespread use by now. Did you see in the news, that a refinery in Texas was blown away recently?

Refineries require huge capital investment and so they are relatively few. I sure hope they have excellent security, because it seems to me the economy of both North and South America could be flattened over-night by aiming at this Achilles heel. You don’t suppose our sudden gas price increase is to cover costs for the Texas refinery and to protect other plants ?

Letters to Governments demanding that laws be more carefully enforced is a start towards regaining our Canadian life style. You could send a simple shopping list of problems to the Prime Minister’s office and sign it with “Fix this or lose our vote!”

Don’t forget to mention insurance in your list. Not only have premiums soared, but did you notice?; deductibles have also gone up. That’s called , “ nailing them at both ends“. Also be informed; each of all those extra questions on the insurance application provide them with a possible way to avoid paying a legitimate claim all - together. Ever wonder why there are more questions to answer now than what the norm used to be? That’s where the bonuses Gordon paid out to his managers came from.

There aught to be a law! Profits are great. I love profits. It’s corporate gouging schemes that are killing our lifestyle.

Best for now, TonyGuitar

Great article on canadian banks. I was just out browsing blogs and came across your post on The Back Door. I have to say I love blogs...nothing is better than all this information. I spend almost all my free time surfing blogs nowdays. I just find it so interesting to see what other people from all over the w orld are writing about.
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