Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Whistle-Blower Protection - Essential

C-11 , The Important bill

Why is Bill C-11 [Whistle-Blower Protection Act], so Important to Canadians like you and I?

The simple answer is that an effective Bill C-11 will save hundreds of millions of our tax revenues from being laundered and squandered.

If an EFFECTIVE Bill C-11 had been in place 12 years ago when Allan Colter complained publicly that worthless false contracts were being created in Chuck Guite’s office, The Gomery enquiry may have taken place then, saving us 12 years of Adscam losses.

There was a weak whistle-blower law in place 12 years ago, but without any provision for penalty and enforcement, it was simply ignored.

Bonuses are paid out on a regular basis to key employees in all government departments and ministries by our present Liberal Government led by Prime Minister Martin. Bonuses are paid no matter if the department performance is good or bad.

Do you suppose bonuses buy loyalty, and that could explain why Sheila Fraser and her army of auditors and accountants took 12 years to take notice of Allan Colter’s complaints about false contracts?

Do you suppose poor audit reporting performance in our eyes may be regarded as good audit silen… performance by the government in power?

We have a government who was profiting through advertising agency scams. Scams where massive dollar values where allocated to advertising or promotion, but were then directed into Liberal Party coffers to pay for advertising to ensure Liberal Party victory at election time?

These are the reasons for demanding that Bill C-11, now under government review, be drawn up properly, including stiff penalties and effective enforcement. 73s Tony Guitar [BendGovt.blog.com]

PS C-11 protects our revenues regardless of what party is currently elected to run things in Ottawa.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Fm: Blogsite of SmallDeadAnimals

But Hans Island is Danish, isn't it?
Why should Canada claim ownership over something that's not its own?

Posted by Johan i Kanada at August 21, 2005 10:56 AM

Because, JohaniKanada, Denmark and Canada are governed by politicians too stuipd to see the obvious opportunity of setting a world example of Co-operative control and agreeable common beneficial use of this minor speck. 73s TG

Posted by TonyGuitar at August 21, 2005 12:03 PM

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