Sunday, April 17, 2005

This blog is for ideas in concise form to create short but effective demand letters to governments, both Federal and Provincial..

This will be useful to those who would demand positive action of government, to put controls in place to stop pilferage of our general revenues.

Busy people who want to do something active, but have limited time, may copy a note, edit it, and paste it to E-mail, or print - out for free regular post..

Under the load of various news stories, there seems to be little or no central focus. Without focus, people tend not to protest.

The usual effects of most bad news are cuts to our standard of living. We can write goverment demanding effective fixes for money wasting problems.

Letters and email are proven to activate governments. A group of similar letters represent a much larger group of voters. More than anything, the party in power wants to stay in power. Martin promised controls. Let's push him.

We can also suggest that an alternate government may be chosen if this party is not inclined to correct the problems outlined in our note.

Thus, the Blog is your source for effective letters for action from government.
Use it or lose it. It's so easy, and getting our health care back is worth it!


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