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Freedom ebbs in Canada via HRC - Human Rights Commissions

Harper and the Conservatives are doing a generally good job, yet there are loose ends that must be cleared up.

Pressed for time? Not really interested? Well here in short form, I ask, is this OK with you?

Freedom quietly ebbs away in Canada via [amateur paralegal] Human Rights Commissions.

In a nutshell then, here is why the Human Rights Commission related trials in Vancouver are so important.

Some Provincial Human Rights *police* have been abusing their powers.

In the beginning they protected rights of the minority from unfair discrimination. A good thing.

Recently they have been unfairly leveling charges and penalties upon authors who express opinions about things like the influence of immigrant groups. Not the same as malicious slander at all.

Authors have made observations about fund raising for terrorist groups, risk prone religious practice, and dress that conceals a person*s identity.

A free society should be able to talk about things that affect our security and freedom even if it does relate to one religious or ethnic group, so long as the debate contains no slur or disrespect.

The discussion of policy and security is not * hate speech*, yet the HRC can charge an author who writes about *sensitive* issues with a crime.

The government backed HRC [appointees], can lay charges and prosecute the author while attending their own employment five days a week without any cost or penalty, except for some overtime if desired.

The author must be absent from employment and pay for lawyers, assuming debt from day one and then certainly pay financial penalties as the HRC has never lost a case so far. [ Fishy?] a Kangaroo Court that is not a real court yet operates in Canada? Impossible, you say? Wanna* bet?

The freedom to express opinions or report on the dangers of some religious customs and deceptive fund raising is squashed by the HRC. Clearly un-Canadian , deceptive and dangerous. [ No appeal ].

Keep Canada free. Do not allow the HRC to stifle opinion and debate in magazines like Macleans, the National Post or the bogosphere.

Learn about this under-reported fiasco in the Steyn - Levant - Macleans Magazine VS Human Rights Commission series on Canadian Blogsite @ -
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