Sunday, January 29, 2006


Any Justice for 10 $Billion Theft?

The thieves will now face justice.

The theory seems sound enough. It will be major entertainment to see how things pan out.

Brian Tobin may figure into things somewhere along the line.[scratched]

One wonders the effects of Gomery and the lambs to be sacrificed.

Canadians are amazingly apathetic about justice. Yet, well in excess of 10 $billion has been criminally siphoned off and it seems reasonable that Liberals who siphoned off our cash should now pay.

In fairness, Canadians were unaware of the huge summary list of Liberal scams. They knew about Gomery and Adscam, about Goodale*s Trust announcement leak and maybe one or two others.

Canadians generally did not know about lists of 100 and 219 major scams carried on several websites.

The Media is highly suspect as one wonders why no such list was published until January 22nd 2006 when the Toronto Sun [Linda Williams] finally did print a somewhat different list of 218 *Low Points*.

Just one day before people went to the poles did not allow time for much change of opinion before Canadians voted.

Will any of those who scammed 10 $Billion of our public monies be fairly penalized?

A complex mix of forces, and difficult to forecast. TG

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Harper Fixes Govt. while Greens are welcomed

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Rafe Mair on the Tyee got me thinking ahead, and he is right! Right for the next election, that is.

I read all these comments and am aware that they seem to reflect politics of the 80s.

This is a new ballgame. Not 1980.

There are some decent people in the Liberal Party, but without EFFECTIVE Whistle Blower Protection law [bill C-11], those decent people could not report the massive extent of Liberal theft and channeling of our public monies.

The primary goal of this election is to put in place the people who are going to install and enforce law like Whistle Blower protection and individual Ministry accounting and audits.

These laws will provide us with more efficient and honest governments for years to come, no matter who sits in the house.

If there are nagging nellies in the CPC who want to make a fuss about bill-c38, same sex, abortion and public morals, I hope Harper keeps them on the back burner until our machinery of government is properly repaired along with the armed forces.

We can not afford to squabble while China, India, Iran Venezuela and the Jihad get their agendas in order.

I support Raif*s choice. Later when repairs are made to our federal government, an ideal house of commons will consist mainly of the Conservatives and the Greens.

The Greens are big in Europe and rightly so. We are still stumbling along in 1985. TG

Friday, January 20, 2006


Handguns Border Crossing January 18th 2006 =9am Rutherford program. Audio Vault. Move slider right one inch to skip the news.

Danny Huang, known handguns smuggler and US citizen is given permission to walk away free to disappear in Calgary by adjudicator at Canada Immigration review board hearing.

This wrongful action occurs even though Canadian Immigration is aware of a US warrant held by Bruce McDermott of the Great Falls Montana Police for proven transport of eight handguns across the US border into Canada by Danny Huang.

McDermott can not understand how a handguns runner, and US citizen can be released out of immigration and police custody to go free in Calgary, calling this action a *real head-scratcher.*

Here is one possible way to join the dots on this one and it sure looks bad.

Immigration Canada is an arm of the Federal Librano Government. I am aware of a story involving an officer of that government, Judy Sgro, and special favors for exotic dancers.

Exotic dancers services are bought and sold by a national syndicate across Canada. We have one hotel lounge in our small town where exotic dancers work almost 24 / 7.

I brought up their web page one day and was surprised to find the page to be far more elaborate and professional than our sleepy hotel would give you reason to expect.

The dancers for hire service is offered in all major cities and towns in Canada and there were links to Montreal , Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria and many more.

The *professional dancers* were offered as available for stag and private parties at your home or private club.

Just this week we heard of a takedown involving a handgun and shoulder holster on the police scanner at the *exotic dancers hotel lounge*.

Joining the dots, one wonders if the same syndicate that deals in exotic dancers may also deal in the handgun trade. One wonders if immigration Canada who provide favors for managers of exotic dancers may also provide favors for those dealing in other *products*?

I wonder if Andrew Stronach's girlie and gambling show is part of the picture. Lot's of Caribbean and South American links there. Speculation? Yes, but….

Otherwise what motivation would Immigration Canada have for not returning a US citizen handgun cross-border smuggler to Montana authority Bruce McDermott who holds a Federal Grand Jury warrant for Danny Huang*s arrest? TG

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