Thursday, April 21, 2005


Snap Election Now

Snap Election Now!

Dear Jack Layton,

There is everything to gain and nothing to loose by not waiting until November as Paul Martin and the Liberals request.

Once the writ is dropped, ministers offices will be off limits to those who would continue to find, remove and shred Sponsorship evidence.

It takes weeks to go through files and sort out incriminating evidence. Martin and the Liberals want to keep office keys until November for good reason. Time to clear the foxes from the hen house now.

Harper and the Conservatives are stalling because of a slowly rising poll count. The NDP are losing face for doing nothing at all. Now is the time for the NDP to act and to be recognized for doing the right thing.

The NDP has an obligation to outline to Canadians, the urgent reasons
For going to the polls now. Enough time has been wasted while we sit on our hands as the Liberals cover their tracks.

Elections costs must be paid in any case, sooner or later. It is just one more Liberal invoked expense.

Liberals have lost our confidence. They simply can not get Canada’s business done in this ham-strung, self - defense mode.

Time for the NDP to step to the plate and earn Canadian voter respect; Time to build a larger NDP following.

Sincerely, Anthony Robinson

This Post to Jack was done just before he squeezed Martin for a better deal out of the budget.
Way to go Jack Layton. Thanks from eveyone who earns less than 75K. TG
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