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Government Finance Gomery

Meat in the Sandwich

If only all of the Canadian voting public could bite into the real meat of things, could see the bald truth of the Liberal Party disgrace that is Canada today, there would be changes for the better.

Instead, Canadians are swimming through a sea of distractions and fluff [Hans Island], in our present day main stream media . The perfect Liberal Party smokescreen.

MEAT: A thumbnail review of the iceberg tips of Liberal Party mischief:

These are Auditor General findings carried at CBC News Online, . February 10, 2004. Odd, considering CBC is soft on Liberals.

1985 - Canadian High Commission Hong Kong Marina fee $773,500

1986 - CBC accounting system lost track of… $57,000,000

1988 - CIDA has inadequate control over some of it’s spending. $?
- No verification that federal money is used for Native Bands $?
- Military does not have ammunition for a conflict.

1990 - CIDA financed inefficient Pakistani plant [no study] $2,300,000

1996 - Two family trusts moved to U.S.A. Tax - free,
due to secret tax rulings. Tax on 2 billion, approx- $500,000,000

1997 - Revenue Canada breaks law. Awards duty-free license to a
foreign company. $???,???,???
- Tax Evasion on cigarettes, alcohol, gasoline, jewellery
Annually - $500,000,000
- Native health program, worsening drug abuse, not helping.
ON-going - $500,000,000

1998 - Downsizing 30,000 bureaucrats - by March ‘97 - $1,800,000,000
Could eventually go to - $3,200,000,000
- Fraud with SIN system, costing at least annually- $33,000,000
300,000 SIN cards for persons 100 years old, most of
Whom are deceased… are still active - [Pensions?]

1999 - Health Canada not equipped to treat /combat virus epidemic.
- Kickback scheme - gas stations & Military persons revealed.
- Ottawa violated own rules Re: training contract to bombardier.
2000 - HRDC Human Resources & Development mismanages
job- Grants programs actual losses - $???,???,???
- CIDA grants $6,300,000 contract to J. Chretien’s pal.

2001 - Employment Insurance plan has surplus of - $36,000,000,000
Government E. I. Actuary says only $15,000,000,000 needed.
Military crippled / underfunded. Mechanics borrowed batteries
From Spanish to keep CF-18s up over former Yugoslavia.
Home heating grants costs of $1,400,000,000 [1.4 Billion]
Delivered only $250,000,000 [250 Mill] to those deserving.
Other cheques went to the rich, pensioners and -
7,500 persons who were deceased.

2002 - Oct.
Federal government lacks system for tracking Provincial health
care spending.
Government of Canada has issued 5,000,000 more Social
Insurance Cards than there are persons in Canada

- Dec.
Sheila Fraser, our auditor general states: Gun Registry hundreds of
millions over budget. Instead of 1995 prediction of $2,000,000,
costs expected by 2004 will approximate - $1,000,000,000

2003 - Feb.
The auditor general states “Public Works Department officials
broke just about every rule in the book”, handing out contracts.
Calls in the RCMP to investigate $1,600,000 of contracts.

- Sept.
The Auditor General calls for an RCMP investigation into the
“reign of terror” of former privacy commissioner George
Radwanski, alleging overspending and cronyism in the department.

This is only a partial list of course. Policies like these develop over years and are very much like a huge Canada Steamship Lines vessel. They continue full stea.. diesel ahead and can not be stopped on a dime, even with some breaking effect like the Gomery Commission report applied.

These are findings of Canada’s Auditor General and they are presented to the Canadian public by the Canadian Broadcasting Company. [although, not in the most direct or obvious way]. For these reasons I accept them to be a fair approximation of some of our actual finance conditions up to September of 2004. 73s TG

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