Monday, April 18, 2005


How to get elected

How to get Elected

Health care is under the knife,…are age and disability pensions next?

The wealthy can be allowed to pay for care and go to the front of the line, so, yes, health care can be two tiered or graduated according to income. This way overall health care will remain affordable. Income tax is graduated and thus medical payments can be based upon annual tax assessment values.

Guarantee that pensions and disability support will be protected. Any cuts in these areas would be a major and costly mistake. Cutting pensions and disability support would cause seniors and the disabled to require personal care, running up massive public debt.

Caregivers are organized and correctly so. They earn a much greater income than any pension the government provides. Just turning 65, the OAP and the supplementary pensions make a world of difference to me, and they will to you when your time for pensions comes.

Promise to restore and repair our failing Canadian lifestyle.

Many different problems, like the sponsorship fraud, corporations frauds, professional associations price fixing, provincial government service fees, permits, licenses and other costs rising at many times beyond inflation eat away at our quality of life in Canada.

Provincial governments giving away our resources to giant resource firms in return for financial help to win elections and the raising of Hydro electric and Auto insurance rates also drain away our ability to do things and go places in Canada.

The result of these many excesses simply reduces everyone’s ability to realize their goals in Canada. Our Life quality is the single victim of most problems.

Getting Elected in Canada requires a focus upon reversing losses to our life quality values, before we descend further into the realm of third world countries. Countries that have little or no real life quality to offer.

One very good thing should come from the federal government’s sponsorship fiasco, and that will likely be much better accounting and control of our tax monies into the future. A very real and worthy gain for Canadians.

Elected politicians will likely hold office longer if they are able to install integrity in both government and the Corporate world . In other words, the government who works hard to restore value to our collective lives for everyone in Canada can stand a good chance of remaining in power.

Otherwise, a government who continues to give undue advantage to corporations and special interest groups can likely count on being sacked in the short term.

Canadians are sick of being assumed as having bottomless pockets.

Focus on saving our Canadian life - style. Focus on leaving enough wealth in our pockets to allow a healthy marketplace and reasonable employment.

Let us know that restoring and repairing our better way of life in Canada is your focus and you can very likely expect to be a winner at the poles.

Tony Guitar

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