Sunday, April 17, 2005


Prod Government

This blog will provide ideas in concise form with a view to creating short but effective demand letters to Provincial and Federal Governments..

The letters are useful to those who want to demand positive action from the Canadian Government.

Busy people want to do something active, but have limited time. One may copy a note, edit it, and paste it into an E-mail to government, or print & p0st it.

Under the load of various news stories, there seems to be little or no central focus. Without focus, people often fail to protest.

The common effect of most bad news is a cut to our standard of living in Canada. We can write goverment demanding a fix to problems. Above all, the party in power wants to stay in power. Letters work.

We may also suggest that an alternate party can be chosen if this party is unwilling to correct the general revenues losing problems outlined.

So, this Blog is your source for letters to activate government into placing fiscal controls where they will help rebuild our Canadian living standard and failing HealthCare System.


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