Thursday, November 24, 2005


Shape up UN, or maybe UDN?

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Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2005 11:42 a.m. EST

Ambassador Bolton: U.S. to Bypass U.N. if Not Reformed

John Bolton, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, has laid it on the line: Reform or we'll take our business elsewhere.

According to today's Washington Post, Bolton warned the controversial international organization that the U.S. might bypass it in dealing with thorny global problems if the U.N. is unable to make management changes that will make the world body more effective and prevent a recurrence of the kind of corruption revealed in the scandal-ridden $64 Billion Oil-for-Food program.

Bolton told reporters the General Assembly has "essentially not made progress" since President Bush and other world leaders convened a U.N. summit in September to endorse a platform of changes, including proposals to increase scrutiny of spending practices and to create a human rights council that would exclude such rights abusers as Sudan, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Zimbabwe all of whom have served on the Council.

He warned that continued resistance to reforms in the U.N. would drive the American public away from the United Nations. "Americans are a very practical people, and they don't view the U.N. through theological lenses," Bolton said. "They look at it as a competitor in the marketplace for global problem-solving, and if it's successful at solving problems, they'll be inclined to use it. If it's not successful at solving problems, they'll say, 'Are there other institutions?'"

He added, "Making the U.N. stronger and more effective is a reform priority for us: Because if it's a more agile, effective organization, it is more likely to be a successful competitor as a global problem-solver."

The Post explained that the dispute has underscored the Bush administration's inability thus far to use the findings of former Federal Reserve chairman Paul A. Volcker's investigation of the $64 Billion Oil for Food program to bring on institutional reform.

Volcker's 18-month investigation into the U.N.'s management of the $64 billion Oil-for-Food program in Iraq uncovered evidence of corruption by U.N. diplomats, foreign dignitaries and companies from more than 60 countries.

Although world leaders had told Annan to present a series of specific reform proposals to the 191-nation General Assembly in early 2006, Bolton warned that such key initiatives as establishing a new ethics office, a human rights council and a peace-building commission, would not get funded until the next budget negotiation cycle, in late 2007.

The Post reported that Bolton has proposed delaying the passage of the United Nations' $3.6 billion 2006-07 budget until the U.S.-backed reforms have been adopted and has suggested that the General Assembly could pass a temporary budget to finance the organization's operations through the first three to four months of 2006.

Annan told reporters on Monday that he opposes such a delay, and warned that the failure to adopt the budget by Dec. 31 could "create a serious financial crisis for the organization."

He refused to comment on reports that Bolton has warned that the U.N. could find itself on the sidelines if it fails to put into place the reforms the United States supports. "I'm not the interpreter of Ambassador Bolton," he said.

The Post reported that the Secretary General also tried to calm the fears of G7 members that the reform effort is an effort to reorder the U.N.'s administrative priorities to serve American interests, and to transfer more control of the organization's budget from the General Assembly to the secretary general's office. "I made it quite clear that there's no attempt at power grab," he said. "We accept the General Assembly as the key deliberative body of the organization."

Time to dump the UN and it's $3.6 Billion budget demands in favour of the new United Democratic Nations and more efficient, decisive operations. TG

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Seth's *Who's there ?* & Links


RE: Free 45 p. E-book. A forward look at Blogging… Excellent!

Thank you for providing this leap - frog forward advantage.

I felt as though I have stumbled to the top.

No fluff, nice clear boiler plate useful view forward.

Millions may not be inclined to read *Who’s There* and so we will enjoy a massive advantage. …eh?

To return the favour . I would suggest that the USA and the United Nations are in very urgent need of EFFECTIVE Whistle Blower Protection Law. [Canada most of all!]

Canada and the US are moving forward on this essential, but slowly. All politicians hate the WB protection idea as it effectively limits their ability to dip into our [the people's money.]

For short Whistle Blower info for USA by: Retired USAF L. Colonel Ph.D, Karen Kwiatkowski [archives ] June 4th / 2005.

*We’ve got to be careful as to when to cut his nuts off..*
Al Haig to Nixon 1973 Re: Whistle blower W. Mark Felt.

Main US site=

National Security Whistle Blowers Coalition [hard to remember name, but it will do.]


Look at June /05 Archive.

Next project: Scrap the crooked and useless U.N. or better still, ignore it and let it die naturally in the throes of the Food for Oil investigation while we get on with building

the New: U.D.N. [ United Democratic Nations ].
United Democratic Nations

You are a thinker. If you don’t think these aims are the most valuable, I’m open to learning your more profound choice of priority.

Anyway, thanks again for *Who’s There* 73s TG
Best free up to the minute 45 p. book on Blogs anywhere!

Blogs, more fun than a bag of snakes in a girl's choir.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Honoring tradition and culture or Keeseekoose Water Treatment


Quebec Elects *Charmer* ignores *Criminal*

Quebec Elects *Charmer* ignores *Criminal*

New BQ leader Boisclair embodies both these traits. With a history of snorting cocaine, one could be uneasy about Boisclair’s choices in life. But cocaine is not the main reason for my uneasiness.

It is the close company that Boisclair chooses to keep. His right hand friend , whose name happens to escape me at the moment, [I will update this post], has been proven guilty of fraud, yet the two are a team.

This friend of Boisclair’s is still holding a position of trust related to financial firms. I’ll be back with more to fill out this picture.

I predict that things may become *bumpy* in Quebec.
Hold on for a rough ride.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Gomery , Martin , Breault, Gagliano... all guilty?

Dragnet, Here are the facts, just the facts, nothing but the facts: You can hang them out to dry with this stuff. This ex-cop is now a security and public speaking consultant. His professional reputation is on the line, so I suspect most of this is gold.

Friday, November 11, 2005


The United Democracy of Nations

The UDN. Someone has an excellent idea here.

I have more faith in it than he does. He thinks it's a whim, but I recognize it as a very real and worthy undertaking.

The UN is a giant failure and a total disgrace.

The United Democracy of Nations, or the UDN is the correct and logical next step.

With all the lessons learned during these many trial years of the UN, the new UDN could become the world model of civilized moderation and ethical international dealings.

Based upon built-in safeguards for High Ethics, the first being [effective], Whistle-Blower protection law. That is WB law with severe penalties for bosses who would fire, oppress or hurt any honest person who risks pointing out theft of funds or other wrong-doing.

Yes! The United Democratic Nations, glad I thought of it.

Let the UN die on the vine...freeze in the cold. No wonder the USA is way behind in it's payment of dues. TG
Posted by: TonyGuitar at November 11, 2004 09:42 PM

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Sony & BMG set Trojan


Your 15 Million Blowing in Costa Rica?

Your Dollars -15 Million - blowing in Costa Rica

Lafleur of Lafleur Communications is keeping neighbors up all night with loud party time fun.

Remember, this is only one of the many Adscam Pirates.
Others are in Turks & Cacaos , [Belize..Cdn $] Barbados, Bermuda.

If Gomery wanted 14 of the 15 million paid back, do we even have an extradition agreement with Costs Rica?

Sordid details, [ you really may not want to know], are at:

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


New Trojan Alert as *PlugandPlay.exe*

Friday, November 04, 2005


Integrity Pledge CPC Canada

Honesty and Integrity

The Conservative Party will provide the leadership to stand up for honesty and integrity in government. We will put in place stringent safeguards that will prevent corruption and make government more transparent, democratic, and accountable.

The Conservative Party will stand up for:

@ Protecting whistleblowers. We will bring in whistleblower protection legislation to ensure that those who expose corruption and wrongdoing are protected from reprisal.

@ Strengthening the Auditor General. We will ensure that the Auditor General has full access to all the government's books, including all agencies, Crown corporations, and foundations, and allowing the Auditor General to report on government waste or abuse at any time.

@ Keeping control over your money. We will strengthen internal audits within government departments and give more powers to the Comptroller General to check wasteful spending before it starts.

@ Protecting the right to know. We will expand the Access to Information Act to cover all agencies, Crown corporations, and foundations, and ensure that the public interest can override any government secrecy exemptions.

@ Independent watchdogs with teeth.

We will give parliament, not the Prime Minister, the power to appoint all Officers of Parliament like:
The Ethics Commissioner,
The Auditor General,
The Information Commissioner,
The Privacy Commissioner, and
The Chief Electoral Officer. Full approval & endorsement TG

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Gomery's report on the Sponsorship Scandal

TG, you don't have anything on the newly released Gomery Report! :OK, Here's my take.

According to the report three main factors that caused or contributed to the problems with adscam were:

• the unprecedented decision to direct the Sponsorship Program from the PMO, bypassing the departmental procedures and controls which the Deputy Minister of PWGSC would normally have been expected to apply and enforce;

• the failure of the Deputy Minister of PWGSC to provide oversight and administrative safeguards against the misuse of public funds;

• the deliberate lack of transparency on how the Program was initiated,financed and directed.

On the former PM and his chief of staff, Gomery said:

There is no evidence or indication that Mr. Pelletier was in any way involved in Mr. Corriveau’s kickback scheme, or that he knew about it, although itwould have been more prudent for him to investigate the general suspicions that he says he communicated to the Prime Minister when, according to his testimony, he had a “hunch” that there was something not quite right about Mr. Corriveau. However, the absence of any evidence of direct involvement in Mr. Corriveau’s wrongdoing entitles both Mr. Pelletier and Mr. Chrétiento be exonerated from blame for Mr. Corriveau’s misconduct.

But they are to be blamed for omissions. Since Mr. Chrétien chose to run the Program from his own office, and to have his own exempt staff take charge of its direction, he is accountable for the defective manner in which the Sponsorship Program and initiatives were implemented. Mr. Pelletier, for whom Mr. Chrétien was responsible, failed to take the most elementary precautions against mismanagement.

There is ample evidence of an appalling lack ofpreparation for the introduction of a new program involving the discretionary disbursement of millions of dollars of public money by Mr. Guité’s organization, without supervision or guidelines. What Mr. Chrétien and Mr.Pelletier should have done in 1996 was what Mr. Goodale did in 2002.

To me the Gomery Report was a disappointment. It did not punish Chrétien or Martin effectively. Yes, Chrétien is getting flack but he was not put down as the head honcho of the scandal. It blames Chrétien for not creating safeguards for the program and for letting it run amuck and having the program used for shady purposes. It does not say that he got money from the scandal or even that he was involved in it at all.

Instead he neglected his responsibility over the program. That is what I get out of it anyway. Dear ol' Paul is the innocent guy who knows nothing and inherited the scam from his predecessor according to the report. He is, as are other ministers, free from blame because "he knew nothing". Who would have expected that?

Maybe he did not know anything. That point has been brought up. Maybe, beyond all belief, he was not involved in Adscam. But, that is not the only smudge on the Liberal partys’ name. Techscam, Gun Registry, and Immigration issues are all issues that have happened, (or continued), under Martin's reign.

On a side note, I obtained a copy of Pricewaterhouse Cooper's audit of Dingwall's spending and have some info on that at YoungConservative if anyone is interested.

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