Saturday, November 19, 2005


Quebec Elects *Charmer* ignores *Criminal*

Quebec Elects *Charmer* ignores *Criminal*

New BQ leader Boisclair embodies both these traits. With a history of snorting cocaine, one could be uneasy about Boisclair’s choices in life. But cocaine is not the main reason for my uneasiness.

It is the close company that Boisclair chooses to keep. His right hand friend , whose name happens to escape me at the moment, [I will update this post], has been proven guilty of fraud, yet the two are a team.

This friend of Boisclair’s is still holding a position of trust related to financial firms. I’ll be back with more to fill out this picture.

I predict that things may become *bumpy* in Quebec.
Hold on for a rough ride.

Les quebecois sont tres distinct, certainement!

Ooh la-la! C'est la vie! La table! Le crayon! Une pomme! Une femme!

Les liberaux sont des pieces grands des merdes!

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