Sunday, November 20, 2005


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RE: Free 45 p. E-book. A forward look at Blogging… Excellent!

Thank you for providing this leap - frog forward advantage.

I felt as though I have stumbled to the top.

No fluff, nice clear boiler plate useful view forward.

Millions may not be inclined to read *Who’s There* and so we will enjoy a massive advantage. …eh?

To return the favour . I would suggest that the USA and the United Nations are in very urgent need of EFFECTIVE Whistle Blower Protection Law. [Canada most of all!]

Canada and the US are moving forward on this essential, but slowly. All politicians hate the WB protection idea as it effectively limits their ability to dip into our [the people's money.]

For short Whistle Blower info for USA by: Retired USAF L. Colonel Ph.D, Karen Kwiatkowski [archives ] June 4th / 2005.

*We’ve got to be careful as to when to cut his nuts off..*
Al Haig to Nixon 1973 Re: Whistle blower W. Mark Felt.

Main US site=

National Security Whistle Blowers Coalition [hard to remember name, but it will do.]


Look at June /05 Archive.

Next project: Scrap the crooked and useless U.N. or better still, ignore it and let it die naturally in the throes of the Food for Oil investigation while we get on with building

the New: U.D.N. [ United Democratic Nations ].
United Democratic Nations

You are a thinker. If you don’t think these aims are the most valuable, I’m open to learning your more profound choice of priority.

Anyway, thanks again for *Who’s There* 73s TG
Best free up to the minute 45 p. book on Blogs anywhere!

Blogs, more fun than a bag of snakes in a girl's choir.

The U.N. could very effective if it were given the proper it support. Remember Rwanda? He's Canadian so its the Canadian military that failed him. But The U.S. did nothing as well. In fact the U.S. has refused to participate in being held accountable for its abuses and ignores the U.N. No weapons of mass destruction have been proven to exist In fact, the intelligence of the U.S. has been proven not only erroneous but a bold faced lie. The U.S. claims they are against terroism and torture yet they detain anybody in a roundup and torture them. I see no difference in what the U.S. is doing to what the U.S. claims Saddam Hussien has done. According to the soldiers that were there in a Frontline program they were ordered to detain anyone, many of the detainees have absolutely no military value to the U.S. When a Female General questioned these practices she was fired.

In fact, according to Frontline Donald Rumsfeld Personally ordered soldiers how treat the prisoners. Qoute "treat them like dogs."

I'll say again The U.N. could be a very effective peacemaking organization. The U.S is clearly not interested in making peace or allowing people to create peace. emd.
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