Saturday, November 12, 2005


Gomery , Martin , Breault, Gagliano... all guilty?

Dragnet, Here are the facts, just the facts, nothing but the facts: You can hang them out to dry with this stuff. This ex-cop is now a security and public speaking consultant. His professional reputation is on the line, so I suspect most of this is gold.

Yes indeed. Many cans of worms to be straightened out. Enough to drive one to distraction.

Distractions like adding a page to the World's Largest Free & editable Encyclopedia. Imagine! And I, who barely understands the concept of accurate spelling.

The page you are looking for? .. United Democratic Nations

Wow! .. The Gall eh? TG
1,335 computers hit with SonyBMG Rootkits TROJAN in NewZealand.
Other country hit counts are at:
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