Friday, November 11, 2005


The United Democracy of Nations

The UDN. Someone has an excellent idea here.

I have more faith in it than he does. He thinks it's a whim, but I recognize it as a very real and worthy undertaking.

The UN is a giant failure and a total disgrace.

The United Democracy of Nations, or the UDN is the correct and logical next step.

With all the lessons learned during these many trial years of the UN, the new UDN could become the world model of civilized moderation and ethical international dealings.

Based upon built-in safeguards for High Ethics, the first being [effective], Whistle-Blower protection law. That is WB law with severe penalties for bosses who would fire, oppress or hurt any honest person who risks pointing out theft of funds or other wrong-doing.

Yes! The United Democratic Nations, glad I thought of it.

Let the UN die on the vine...freeze in the cold. No wonder the USA is way behind in it's payment of dues. TG
Posted by: TonyGuitar at November 11, 2004 09:42 PM

[ A caution / reminder]
Trojan exploits Sony's software
November 11, 2005
Claire Woffenden

Sony has come under fire following the emergence of computer viruses that use its copy-prevention software to evade detection by anti-virus programs.

The music giant introduced the software, which uses a technique called rootkits to hide itself on a computer system, on its music CDs to stop illegal copying.

Anti-virus companies have now discovered three Trojan horses that use the Sony rootkit to hide within a PC.

“Despite its good intentions in stopping music piracy, Sony's copy protection has opened up a vulnerability which hackers and virus writers are now exploiting," said a spokesman for Sophos.

"We wouldn't be surprised if more malware authors try and take advantage of this security hole, and consumers would be sensible to protect themselves at the earliest opportunity.”

In the US, a number of people have filed legal complaints against Sony for using the controversial software.
The software depletes computer resources over time.
Removal of the rootkit tends to cause files damage. TG
= Headlines =
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Blog Power and Peril
Sony/BMG are Naughty
Your $15 million Blows in Costa Rica

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Hi Tony,

Good idea, and welcome to our place anytime.

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