Saturday, November 03, 2007


Do You Drive? Vehicle Manufacturers on link

TonyGuitar: Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association [Debunked]

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Pushing for the EV, [Electric vehicle], is central to the political theme of this blogsite.

[1] The [EV] provides freedom from the oil blackmail and the financial burden of the unstable mid-east oil cartel.

[2] The [EV] removes the smog envelope that causes respiratory illness in cities worldwide. [And the health costs.]

[3] The [EV] removes demand for oil and allows the commodity to assume a *normalized* word price thus easing political battles in many parts of the world.

[4] The [EV] also removes the need for combustion engines and their support systems equipment and the demand for gas, diesel and bio-fuels thus leading to much unemployment.

That didn*t stop Ford from producing cars at the expense of buggy and whip businesses however.= TG
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