Thursday, May 31, 2007


Hydrogen? - Battery?- BioFuel? No, Air Taxi

France: Your taxi in Paris is likely to run on compressed air. Sometimes the French seem more frugal than us Scots.

Barring any last-minute design changes on the way to production, the Air Car should be surprisingly practical. The $12,700 CityCAT, one of a handful of planned Air Car models, can hit 68 mph and has a range of 125 miles. It will take only a few minutes for the CityCAT to refuel at gas stations equipped with custom air compressor units; MDI says it should cost around $2 to fill the car’s carbon-fiber tanks with 340 liters of air at 4350 psi. Drivers also will be able to plug into the electrical grid and use the car’s built-in compressor to refill the tanks in about 4 hours.

So, French ingenuity allows us to bomb around town all day, [usually less than 125 miles], and there is no suckling at the breasts of Chevron or ExxonMobile. Hey, I like that! A sort of real freedom, at last! = TG

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Compressed air? Cool! I don't like those tiny wheels, but I guess I'd better get used to them. This is going to be the wave of the future and we've got to get away from being oil dependent, especially foreign oil dependent.

It looks like the French finally may be recovering from all that stuff the Aliens dumped on them in 42! ;)
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I will allow the *unrelated* but interesting *tip* from Eugene to stand as it is topical in the political sense.=TG
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