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New battery in GM Hybrid auto future

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This is the interesting end part of a CBC article about the woes of American auto makers and future plans.

Will GM and Ford be able to turn it around? The automakers, of course, say yes. Analysts say they'll need to chop vehicles, models or brands that are unprofitable (much as GM announced the phase-out of its Oldsmobile brand in 2000). They'll also need to modernize an outdated dealer network and boost investment in their remaining plants and products.

As part of that investment, GM announced a $2.5 billion program in March 2005 to upgrade plants and boost research and development in Ontario. In November 2005, DaimlerChrysler said it would invest $768 million to upgrade and modernize its Ontario operations.
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======= Gradually, ever so gradually ===== TG

And, as industry aficionados gathered in Detroit for the 2007 North American International Auto Show, GM announced it was working on a lithium-ion battery that would significantly boost the gas mileage of hybrid sport utility vehicles. GM's Saturn Vue Green Line gets about 13.5 kilometres per litre on the highway. The new battery could more than double that to 30.

=== Li is misleading =meaning, pay royalty to large format NiMH patent holder, Chevron? See === TG
Update While Chevron holds the *large format* NiMH patents for North America, Exxon-Mobile make the Lithium Ion seperator film,[like a thin white plastic], backbone of the Lithium battery. Exxon-Mobile $39 billion$ *06 profit.

Meanwhile, Canadian and American automotive journalists chose Saturn's Aura and Chevrolet's Silverado as the car and truck of year. The Aura beat the Honda Fit and Toyota Camry for the award. The Silverado was picked over the Ford Edge and Mazda CX-7 crossovers.

The honours have been handed out annually since 1994. Japanese and European brands have taken top marks seven times. With this year's wins, North American carmakers have also come out on top seven times.

=== Hint, buy American. Malibu, Impala and Cobalt are good value.= TG

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This blog, one of several, was running hot and heavy when we were pushing for integrity legislation and Whistle Blower Protection for workers in our Canadian government.

Those goals have been met and so, for the time being, while the Harper government seems to be doing what Canadians find to be constructive, there is less cause to be very active here.

At, the current cause is to encourage Canadians to embrace the EV, [Electric Vehicle], as municipalities and citizens alike are doing in the USA, especially California.

France just bought 10,000 EVs from a Ca. firm.

Just think what they will save in gas bills. And the mail will get through even if the straits of hormuz erupt in Iranian conflict and there is no gas. = TG
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