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Nuclear energy power generation a waste

Nuclear plants long overdue at Tech Museum

One more scheme draining away your tax dollars.
Nuclear power is a terrible drain on our public funds under the cloak of **hidden economy funding**. The secretive nature of nuclear allows that, while a powerful lobby protects Nuclear power generating interests. Nuke plants belong in the tech museum.

=========== Is the Author Qualified? ============
Dr. Hermann Scheer is General Chairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE). Recipient of the First World Solar Prize by the 2nd World Conference on Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conversion in Vienna, 1998. [Awards list too long for here]

Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europa since 1987. President of the European Association for Renewable Energies EUROSOLAR. University studies in Heidelberg and Berlin, PhD at FU Berlin, Dr. h.c. of Technical University Varna, Bulgaria.
=============== You decide. ==================

An electrical generation capacity of 16,000 Megawatts has evolved in Germany over the last twelve years as a result of the renewable energy law. New facilities with 3000 Megawatts were realized in 2003 alone. If this initial rate were reproduced over the next 50 years, a total capacity of 166,000 Megawatts would result, equivalent to conventional capacities of 55,000 Megawatts.

Nevertheless it is a very widespread fallacy to think in isolated substitution steps and ignore increasing efficiency potentials. Renewable Energy has unimagined advantages. Short energy chains replace long energy chains from the mines to the final consumer with losses of energy at every step of conversion and transformation. A relatively few highly centralized power plants will be superseded by many decentralized facilities. The need for wide-area infrastructure development declines dramatically.

Four additional reasons speak against the future viability of nuclear power: ==============

- Their enormous water requirements for steam processes and cooling conflicts with intensified water emergencies due to climate change and the water needs of the growing world population.
- The excess heat of nuclear power plants is poorly suited for combined heat and power generation because of the high financial burdens of district heating systems appropriate to central nuclear power blocks.
- The danger of nuclear terrorism, not only by missile attacks on reactors, continues to grow with the intensification of asymmetrical conflicts.
- Full-load operation of capital-intensive nuclear reactors that is indispensable for their profitability can only be guaranteed if governments again regulate the electricity markets and obstruct alternatives. The nuclear economy remains a (concealed) state economy.

Renewable Energy News

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This is the powerful lobby [Public Relations site] in Canada:

I'm not sure I'd buy that argument. Texas has nuclear power, and we have some of the lowest power costs in America!
Thanks for the comments/advice.
Sounds like he's qualified to me.

Yep, nuclear anything is getting rather scary, not to mention darned expensive.
TG, I think limiting how many people of them same faith can be on a plane is unAmerican. Were you joking?
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The danger of terrorism, and terrorist blackmail are greater if the united States is dependent upon foreign oil. On to independence, one to full nuclear and hydrogen independence. I posted on this topic today actally.
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