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Motorvation or wake up GM

The number of over 10 year old cars on the road ,[my trusty *87 Jeep included], now stands at about 6.8 million cars [2005 figure. Canada]

===== Toronto Star ==
Automobiles are now living longer; 6.8 million decade-old cars on the road Manufacturers building better vehicles; [ONT Edition]
Tony Van Alphen. Toronto Star. Toronto, Ont.: Sep 5/06. pg. D.1

People: DesRosiers, Dennis
Section: Business
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[Dennis DesRosiers] said that over the years, auto manufacturers have been building vehicles better so they last longer. For example, galvanized steel started replacing carbon steel in the late 1980s and reduced body corrosion dramatically.

At the same time, DesRosiers said governments aren't doing much to put the brakes on the trend and force older vehicles off the road through requirements for better fuel economy ...
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Ok, I can save you $3.95 here.

That is Dennis of DesRosiers Automotive Consultants who adds that a consumer shift to more truck purchases has also added to vehicle longevity.

At the same time governments are not doing much to stop the older vehicle trend through emissions or mileage standards, he said.

Dennis rejects the argument that many can not afford new models because statistics indicate real prices have dropped in recent years.

== I say, give me an incentive to buy a new car! My *87 Jeep Wagoneer looks as good as the new Jeeps. I admit one of the electric windows is sticky and it*s starting to use oil, but it is still respectable transportation.

Give me the chance to by an Electric car for about 16G [overpriced for electric simplicity], and I am your new car customer. Motorvation by controlled gas explosions is old fashioned , stinky and needlessly dangerous. Not to mention poison anti-freeze. = TG

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