Sunday, September 17, 2006


Electric cars and brick walls

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Three major brick walls to be specific.

[1] Governments are addicted to the cash cow of oil and gas tax revenues. The recent bump up in gas prices have been a huge windfall to the government, when half of that immense wealth goes to government. Electric vehicle? No fuel tax? - - - No way!

[2] Employment disruption: Loss of jobs in engine block manufacturing; making of Radiators, oil, gas and water pumps, muffler and catalytic converters, fuel injector systems, gas tanks, fuel lines, ignition systems, Air oil and gas filter systems and rubber hoses galore.

[3] Big Auto profits: The endless complexity in all the elements in the conventional vehicle provides a guaranteed high price and on-going parts and repair profits to auto makers. When the auto is simplified to Electric motor, Charger - controller, power steering and brakes, the overall cost will drop to lower levels when volume and competition take effect.

Like everyone else in business, I like profits, but there are no profits to be had when other countries sell us the efficient cars we want. Toyota, [Prius], Honda, Volkswagen, BMW, Mazda, Subaru, Kia, Hyundai. Do our corporations and Government have the same foot - dragging attitude that lost the British Motorcycle business to Japan?

We make many electric vehicles in North America, but most are of ugly design , some with three wheels, and most with no chance of widespread acceptance aside from the GM EV1 [discontinued] , and the Tesla Roadster, 90K, luxury sports model. Photos =

US boffins build paper-thin plastic battery

Hybrid device combines advantages of capacitors and alkaline batteries
Shaun Nichols in California, 20 Sep 2006

Researchers at Brown University in the US have created a prototype rechargeable battery that is as thin as a plastic transparency and as powerful as 100 alkaline batteries.

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