Thursday, July 20, 2006


Who killed the electric car?

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Interesting.. what Johnny Maudlin, [who is not maudlin at all], said.

WE do enjoy chiming in on variations of the same theme.

I have bucked that and often tried to steer thinking to different directions.

Doing so has helped me polish skills of diplomacy and the slippery segway.

It is a dangerous game though. When revolt happens it can be vicious, often trending towards suggestions of unusual yoga positions.

In any case, I am proud of having pushed for topics like protection for whistle-blowers legislation... Bill C-11.

The present push is to suggest we should demand electric vehicles... proven viable with 1990 technology..

The GM EV1, loved by ALL 800 lessors and grabbed back in 1993 by GM and destroyed in a secure Arizona facility.

To suggest and warn that hybrids are really two cars in one, needlessly complex and a ploy to stave off pure electric cars by Big Auto and Big Oil.

With Evs, you just take a little generator along for charges in the out back. No need for a whole gas car in parallel.

To suggest there are many choices you can buy today, [I like the Toyota RAV4 EV], and several links are at:

See: 50%? - Actually….. = TG

Hybrids are a market decoy for the poorly informed. A ploy of Big Auto and Big Oil to stay in and occupy the land of lucrative.

If the public ever twigs to the miracle of the Electric Vehicle and adopts EVs as they will soon, then Big Auto will diminish and diminish greatly. No more service income.

The EV only requires battery, motor and charger. The combustion engine, though, requires long man hours of machining and a list of support elements too long to list on this page.

The hybrid consists of two vehicles in one. Hopeless complexity. No wonder people hate them.

The GM EV1, on the other hand, an electric vehicle people loved and wanted to buy was reliably simple by contrast. Not much to maintain in an EV, other than the brakes and tires.

Driving an Electric Vehicle will defeat Hezbollah and Iran by the way. Cut Iran*s oil income by 90% and forget their Nuke plans. No more new rockets for Hezbollah too. = TG

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