Thursday, July 27, 2006


Hezbollah funding scam?

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Plot to undermine our Economy?

Or is this just a BIG rip-off in a small town?

A popular hotel, beer parlour , restaurant, nightclub and adjacent liquor sales outlet all suddenly now stand boarded up and closed here in Courtenay B.C.

I wondered about how this happened when all those businesses were doing a brisk business.

Speaking with someone connected with the city, I learned the following.

The whole hotel complex had been under new ownership for the last three or four months.

Suddenly, the new owners evaporated, left town, vanished. They left, I am told with a bundle , because none of the bills had been paid.

Politically incorrect part…. Brace yourself! Before everything closed , I noticed while attending the restaurant and club that the new owners were Arabian. No idea if they were Shia, Sunni, or Iranian or Palastinian of course, but the thought did occur that this was a fast way to raise great amounts of money for say, a fundamentalist cause and damage your enemy economy at the same time.

OK, you could suggest that I am overly suspicious, yet everything fits so well, there just seems to be a very real possibility that this could be happening in other small towns in Canada.

Grand larceny on a grand scale? Knowing the MSM, we the peons, would be the last to know about it.

Lawyers, notaries public, law enforcement and investigative professionals who read this could possibly find out if this pattern of rip-off has jumped recently in Canada. Those of you who have access to crime trends sites on the net could let us know if hotels and small complexes are being foreclosed due to fraud more frequently than average. This non-violent stuff never shows up in the press.

My city contact said the new complex owners had suggested they were in the Middle East precious gems business and the impression that they had great wealth was unmistakable.

I know, I know. All this is simply word of mouth and there is no documentation. This is in fact only a possible theory. However, I risk reprimand in mentioning it, because if this is happening in other places in Canada, there is no harm in being alerted. A conspiracy theory to be sure, but there is great logic behind it and what*s the harm in debunking it if this happens to just an isolated incident?

In fact, I hope someone can assure us with authority, that this is not a growing trend in Canada. = TG

It is up to us, who enjoy freedom and democracy, to love our head chopping Moslem friends and drag them kicking and screaming out of their 14th century misery.

Our duty is to invite fudamentalist Moslems into our era of freedom, and agreement through debate, rather than through rocket launching.

Moslem citizens are probably tired of the religious police who go around beating women for a momentary uncoverd face and men for looking a little too long at the curves under a burkah. = TG

This comment is probably annoying to a number of people, but on the other hand, elements of truth are often annoying to all of us who should know better.

Bombing only creates more blind hate amoung friends and family of those killed. Reason and logic do not apply to these wronged people. They see red and only want revenge by death.

Obviously bombing is stupid and solves nothing, yet we give into the bombing impulse, making our problems ever larger.

What use is human intelligence then, if we refuse to use it?
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