Sunday, May 28, 2006


Al Jazeera - Extra sharp, extra clever

Josh Rushing is the new Washington anchor for the new Al Jazeera broadcast studio to come on stream soon.

Josh is an ex-marine corps captain. He was a spokesman for US government information services and decided to decline his commission.

His contacts with Al Jazeera caused him to form the impression they were trying to be an unbiased news reporting agency.

Josh says Al Jazeera ticks off both the East and the West and so can been seen as *impartial*.

He says that the network is actually four mini networks.

I found that to be interesting. Four mini networks, soon to be five. Decentralizing is a sure fire way to insure survival. No knocking out of *head office*.

Al Jazeera has been a powerful weapon to leverage the cartoon protest riots and to further other Jihadist moves.

If the powers behind Al Jazeera are pro-fundamentalist, and I have reason to believe they are, then this expansion into the west with Josh as Washington rep, is an ominous manouver.

Ominous because Josh is an extremely intelligent and assuring type. The type who can calmly explain why Hamas websites that encourage children to become martyrs by wearing a bomb vest to a shopping mall is really not so bad, and having *liberals* accept the logic.

I wonder if the oil rich backers have given Josh an offer he just can*t refuse?

A world recognized news reporting network is in fact a very effective weapon. This is how hundreds of millions of Muslims will be swayed and motivated on all continents eventually. TG

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