Sunday, April 30, 2006


Fraud or directech ring any bells?

Credit data loss? Have a short story of what they do with some card data. A little digging and I came up with Paycom and Directech. I posted it on * Anchorpin * and got a spam blizzard, so comments are off there. You can comment though, just scroll down past the new Canada Flag, or right here. TG

Update: Speaking with a friend at Visa security. He says new smart implanted cards are now in widespread use in Europe. This has cut card data theft by over 90%. Because of that, corp. crime has changed focus to North America. Thus the uptick here.

Visa security says a similar new smartcard has been agreed to by all major credit companies and will soon come into use here in North America.

Until the new cards come in your mailbox. Better not to use the current ones online. Even IT gurus have lost data. [Jesse M. Torres, *PC disaters,mishaps & blunders*].

For On-line Banking Security Overhaul, Scroll down 1 past the New Flag. TG

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