Monday, March 27, 2006


Credit info hijacked & fraud charges to card

Credit Card info hijacked on line part II

PKSER was a website that attempted to charge $400 to the hijacked credit card
searching PKSER revealed links to comments about being ripped off and led to a young couple's blog site. This is their first hand story. . These card info thieves use a background info key logger and bot server. In my case, I did not interact or download anything.

===== copied from blog site =====
Tate went on the computer and checked his bank account and finds that through 3 different transactions, $450 has been taken out of his account by some website.
*jaw drop*

So it's this website called PKRSER dot COM. We look it up and it doesn't exist. Then we find one website that says "if you have been billed by us and have ?'s please call ----. We call it and it is some middle-eastern call center that right away tries to get credit card info from us! I act a bitch and they finally slip up that they work for various gaming sites! This explains everything.

Yesterday Tate and I watched some "Celebrity Poker" and it looked fun. At every commercial break they advertised this website called where you can play for free and learn how to play well. I had downloaded the program and played for a whole 10 minutes. All the info I had given was my name and my email addy. They somehow hacked into our computer and got Tate's bank info and jacked his money!

So between frantic calls to my parents, his parents, and the police we now have filed a police report, we're calling someone who works at the bank tomorrow so we can stop the transactions and we are going to reformat the computer. Hopefully we can stop this shit in time and we get our money back! If not, hopefully the bank has insured Tate and he gets it back regardless. Damn, damn, damn.

==== RULE: do not download free poker game ==== TG
You can see interesting info in a search with Google or Yahoo, but do not go to the actual site or you will likely infect your computer with a *Stealth Keylogger* Trojan that interacts with an auto-bot server.

The other site PsolLtd dot com, that attempted to charge $380, produced a page full of jibberish. The translator did not work. I suspect the page was in a middle east Sanskrit or something non-translateable. TG

How do three or four disgruntled liberals create a HUGE mud-slinging Epaper with no overhead?

Easy….One website …….and One Email address.
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