Friday, January 20, 2006


Handguns Border Crossing January 18th 2006 =9am Rutherford program. Audio Vault. Move slider right one inch to skip the news.

Danny Huang, known handguns smuggler and US citizen is given permission to walk away free to disappear in Calgary by adjudicator at Canada Immigration review board hearing.

This wrongful action occurs even though Canadian Immigration is aware of a US warrant held by Bruce McDermott of the Great Falls Montana Police for proven transport of eight handguns across the US border into Canada by Danny Huang.

McDermott can not understand how a handguns runner, and US citizen can be released out of immigration and police custody to go free in Calgary, calling this action a *real head-scratcher.*

Here is one possible way to join the dots on this one and it sure looks bad.

Immigration Canada is an arm of the Federal Librano Government. I am aware of a story involving an officer of that government, Judy Sgro, and special favors for exotic dancers.

Exotic dancers services are bought and sold by a national syndicate across Canada. We have one hotel lounge in our small town where exotic dancers work almost 24 / 7.

I brought up their web page one day and was surprised to find the page to be far more elaborate and professional than our sleepy hotel would give you reason to expect.

The dancers for hire service is offered in all major cities and towns in Canada and there were links to Montreal , Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria and many more.

The *professional dancers* were offered as available for stag and private parties at your home or private club.

Just this week we heard of a takedown involving a handgun and shoulder holster on the police scanner at the *exotic dancers hotel lounge*.

Joining the dots, one wonders if the same syndicate that deals in exotic dancers may also deal in the handgun trade. One wonders if immigration Canada who provide favors for managers of exotic dancers may also provide favors for those dealing in other *products*?

I wonder if Andrew Stronach's girlie and gambling show is part of the picture. Lot's of Caribbean and South American links there. Speculation? Yes, but….

Otherwise what motivation would Immigration Canada have for not returning a US citizen handgun cross-border smuggler to Montana authority Bruce McDermott who holds a Federal Grand Jury warrant for Danny Huang*s arrest? TG

Ok, this is just ridiculous. Was this meant as a joke?
At first glance it may very well seem so.

Do you have the minimum evidence to derail any possible connection alluded to here? TG
it used to be the yanks would come up to this country for its game. moose, bear, elk, deer...

now it's a different game. 14 year olds, abortion on demand, same sex marriages...
Robert thought connecting dots this way may have been a joke.

One could read the latest Jan 23rd Kevin Steele, *Married to the Mob* at Western
Andrew Coyne *How Scary*...*Frightster*...*This is scary*. also current Jan. 22nd.

These are respected thinkers.
For jokes at Liberal Party expense
a person may want to look around at:
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