Sunday, January 29, 2006


Any Justice for 10 $Billion Theft?

The thieves will now face justice.

The theory seems sound enough. It will be major entertainment to see how things pan out.

Brian Tobin may figure into things somewhere along the line.[scratched]

One wonders the effects of Gomery and the lambs to be sacrificed.

Canadians are amazingly apathetic about justice. Yet, well in excess of 10 $billion has been criminally siphoned off and it seems reasonable that Liberals who siphoned off our cash should now pay.

In fairness, Canadians were unaware of the huge summary list of Liberal scams. They knew about Gomery and Adscam, about Goodale*s Trust announcement leak and maybe one or two others.

Canadians generally did not know about lists of 100 and 219 major scams carried on several websites.

The Media is highly suspect as one wonders why no such list was published until January 22nd 2006 when the Toronto Sun [Linda Williams] finally did print a somewhat different list of 218 *Low Points*.

Just one day before people went to the poles did not allow time for much change of opinion before Canadians voted.

Will any of those who scammed 10 $Billion of our public monies be fairly penalized?

A complex mix of forces, and difficult to forecast. TG

Will any of those people who scammed ten billions of the taxpayers' money be brought to justice: Nope! (Not unless the 'Justice Dept.' and the RCMP are dealt with first!)
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