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Life & Politics at Washington Times?

A top aide to Mr. Martin's predecessor, Jean Chretien, once called President Bush a "moron." Another high-ranking Canadian official publicly called Mr. Bush a profane name. And yet another liberal member of parliament stomped on a George W. Bush doll on national television. This was the same liberal who called Americans a profane name. [So far the count is 3, not *Millions*, who hate the USA.]

Canadian politicians of the Chretien and Mulroney school always used crude and colorful language. Chretien may well classify several leaders who do not agree with him as moron or worse. Mr. Bush may well speak in similar language , but has the wisdom to do so privately.

Did MacKinnon mention the effigy stomping was done during a TV comedy skit? Does he mention why Canadians regard the liberal in question with no gravity at all? Does Jay Leno often do similar comedy?

Mr. MacKinnon stirs our emotions here by mentioning his family comes from Canada and states the Canadian Government willingly allows Islamic terrorists into Canada.

Most Americans are too wise too accept that idea without question. Did Mr. Mackinnon forget to mention that everyone entering the USA from Canada is carefully checked by competent US border guards? Explosives discovered in Ressam’s trunk were intercepted by skilled American guards doing a professional job and they would be offended by the term *luck*.
The duty of Canadian border guards is to carefully check persons entering Canada, not persons leaving Canada.

MacKinnon fails to add pertinent background here. East Indians and Pakistanis started up logging enterprises in Southern British Columbia around 1910.
There are Muslim communities in Vancouver Island, Vancouver, Surrey, Maple Ridge and the vast majority are good citizens. Thousands have driver’s licenses.
Having a driver’s license from British Columbia is not a crime and neither is it a sure fire way to identify a *terrorist*.

U.S. politicians from both sides of the aisle have joined with U.S. law enforcement personnel to ask Canada to address this growing security threat. In response, Canadian politicians from the left have basically said, "Drop dead." [surmise?] We may yet. And how tragic it would be if the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans came at the hands of a terrorist that Canada willingly allowed into their country.

Comedian Jon Stewart once joked that "A Canadian woman kept asking me, 'What do Americans really think about Canada? " And Mr. Stewart answered, "We don't." Well, the day has come when we need to not only start thinking about them, but holding some Canadians accountable for their irresponsible actions.

[MacKinnon has an obligation not to generalize here, but to provide actual documented evidence. What irresponsible events?]

Our once great friend is turning against us. Common sense and our national security dictate that we can no longer afford to ignore that fact.
[Surmise? - what real evidence?]]
Thousands of us spend winter in Florida , Texas, Arizona and California.
Americans are easy to like! We don‘t live and spend among people we hate.]

Douglas MacKinnon served as press secretary to former Sen. Bob Dole. He is also a former White House and Pentagon official and an author.

This is writing based more upon emotions rather than actual fact!

Douglas Mackinnon may be permitted to stir up hate in free opinion, but I think Washington Times editors may not have had time to view this piece.

In other words, hate mongering may be fun, but validate your wilder rants…please. How MacKinnon can conclude that MILLIONS of Canadians strongly dislike the USA on the basis of stupid comments from only Two liberal politicians who are in deep trouble and a liberal flake in a TV comedy skit is beyond logical reason. [TG]

Martin Tricks

Hi Tony... and congratulations on putting together a factfull and clearheaded piece on US political footballing of Canada and Canadians.
I picked you up on Dust My Broom I hope you'll check out my palaver there and visit my own Blog http//

To summarise my thoughts on this topic.
It's politics! And It is American Interest Politics....never any need for facts or concern for Canada there! You point out some of discrepencies in the statments yourself....and in the long run that lack of substance will be the undoing of those that promote point of view that Canada is backstabbing the US. It is crap and BS and most people will recognise that fact!

I have never in my 50+ years heard an American Badmouth Canadians or Canada! Not once...never!!
So with the exception of our own Chuckle Head politicians and a few of theirs this is nothing more than political football.
Thanks PGP. Your comments on DustMyBroom were perfect and had some humour too.

This Washinton Times item is so wild, I wonder if all the Editors are on holiday in Bermuda.

How could MacKinnon's item have made it into the paper, even with a junior editor on duty? TG
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