Friday, October 21, 2005


Whistle Blower Protection Reaches Everywhere

Does Whistle+Blower seem like a boring topic to you?
As Johnny Carsen used to say * Think again, oh martini breath.*

Looking at just the first few thumbnails after entering Whistle+Blower at

You find the most interesting topic points:
Able Danger for example. What an eye opener. CIA leak , Nurses protected , Games software firm *Blizzard* sneaking invasive spy ware.

Judy Miller, reporter, Israeli Nuclear Tech, Best damn interview ever, Rove & Libby , FBI whistle blower threatened & fired , George W Bush, Able Danger again, smearing Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, a whistle blower.

Not so boring now… eh?
You are bound to be surprised that there are some 3,922 entry returns.

WB protection is not only an essential in government, but in fact it reaches into every sector of our lives.

WB law is hated and resisted in both the US and Canadian Governments. The obvious reason is that it would severely limit the * * borrowing * of public funds for *special projects*.

The United Nations , [ they are all too honest to ever be concerned about WB law]., Oil for food , millions re-directed, children dying. That couldn’t possibly be related to the UN , could it?

There are even suggestions that Whistle-blowers be paid for their trouble and risk - taking. Especially where they expose and protect millions of our national revenues wealth.

Our Government, hanging on to power with white knuckle desperation, is in a vunerable position and our WB Bill C-11 is moving ever so slowly ahead. Hopefully the bill will have penalties severe enough to deter Tin-pot bosses from firing employees who expose corruption. 73s TG
Canadian Whistle-Blower info at:

You gotta know going in that even if you rat em out ... there's no guarantee you will keep your job. In fact, you will most likely loose it.
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