Wednesday, October 05, 2005


TGsPlace Photos, Art, Graphics, WB C-11 News

TGsPlace, the new Graphics and Photo leanings Blogsite, has been fun setting up. That coat of Arms is sure colourful and the Antique Cars, flags, native sculpture and art work is just the beginning, Lots more good graphics to upload.

Someone suggested I may not be allowed to use Canada’s official insgnia, but I thought it was for display, so I’ll use it until the copyright holder complains. TG

Tell em to piss off and die Tony.

If you look at alot of other blogs, they are using it without incrimination.

Nice car ... is it yours?
Don't I wish. Leno would have to strain mightily and use persuasion to separate this from it's owner. TG
The Coat of Arms belongs to all Canadians. Who said you couldn't use it? Paul Martin, who probably thinks it's his private property?

I wear a pin of the insignia sometimes, actually.

Go ahead, use it. I may do so someday. Hey, if we can use the flag, why not the Coat of Arms?
Go ahead take a copy and use it. I swiped my copy from The Monarchist. What a great stubbornly staunch site the Monarchist is eh? TG
Heh-heh... I copied it long ago!
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