Tuesday, October 25, 2005


PEI's The Fox and Cat

Lady D, at:
Musician / Manager etc. Allowed me to post her fox & cat story.

Seeing as all of these little foxes are visiting me I will tell you a true story about a fox. When I lived in Prince Edward Island as a child, I lived on a finger of a road that ran out into the ocean. Not very far from Souris PEI.

Our little house was the last house on the road. It was a wooden farm house with kitchen windows low to the ground. Every evening our cat Boston Blackie, a huge black and white tom with no tail, insisted loudly to go out. When Boston asked to go out there was no resisting his loud, hoarse meow and so out he went.

THis was a nightly ritual and we would not see him until the next morning. One day our neighbor up the road told me that he saw my cat chasing a fox out in the potatoe field in the moonlight and almost shot him to protect the fox. (He liked foxes I guess.) But then he realized that the chase had switched and the fox was now chasing the cat! Back and forth went the game until our neighbor got bored and came back in.

Several weeks later, I got up around dawn to get a drink of water which sat in an ice cold bucket in the pantry off the kitchen. We had no running water or electricity. While drinking my water I wandered over to the window to look out to see if I could see my newly planted tulips through the early morning haze. Instead my eyes were met with a marvelous scene just below the window. There sat Boston with a beautiful red fox right beside him.

Both calmly stared up at me. The fox's gaze was curious and probling while Boston's was calm and somewhat bored as his pupils narrowed as the dawn's light grew.We stared at each other for several minutes in peace and slowly as the sun started to rise, the fox got up, stretched, rubbed noses with Boston and strode away with total equanimity. Not the least afraid or nervous of me. Boston then came to the door to be let in and gave me his growly purr as he rubbed up against my legs to say good morning.

It became common knowledge all over the road that Boston had a fox for a friend and the neighbors reported several sightings after that. Of course, in my childhood imagination, I was envisioning babies that would be half fox and half Boston and everytime I walked in the woods I kept a lookout to see if I could find them. I never did of course but I like to believe that it could have been possible.

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Should have been a post on http://My.Opera.Com/tanski/blog

The foxes Lady D was referring to are at a great UK. site:

Sweet to put my story here. I need to send you some more!
Lady D
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