Wednesday, October 05, 2005


On our dime

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Firstly, thanks Tony, for the invite to post here.
I just read a post on "CBC Watch" that mentioned how it's our dime funding the dysfunctional CBC. When the term "our dime" is used, I interpret that as telling the feds that we don't like what you are doing with our hard earned money.

Trying to get rid of this waste is largely a waste of your time. The liberal party of Canada believes that all wealth in Canada belongs to them and we get to keep some of what we work for ... sort of an allowance. The rest rightfully is theirs to do what they know is in our best interest ... because we don't know what's best for us or our families. Since many of us were educated in government schools over the past twenty-five years, they may be right. We are a far dumber nation than we used to be.

So, you are dealing with a powerful organization that has no concern for your opinion, they believe they are so much wiser and superior to the average tax-paying bumpkin that absolutely nothing you can say will matter to them. Plus, Pravda er I mean the CBC serves them so well, especially at election time.

Why bother trying? Because it makes you feel better. You can say you did your best to bring about change. You are one person who cares and that's about it. The sad fact is that unless you are a large voting block that can fired them, there is no point. There is only one large block of this type and it's called Toronto.

You do better to either drop out of the game and participate in some underground economy like literally millions of Canadians already have to one extent or another, or you can start blowing stuff up like terrorists do.

Either extreme will also make you feel better (if you don't get caught). In the first case, you will have more money to call your own. In the second case you will really shake thing up and definitely cause some kind of change to occur. Quebecers did this some thirty odd years ago and the federal money has been pouring in ever since.

Now, there is yet another CBC-trained Quebecer in the Governor Generals office, Most of Canada's prime ministers have been from Quebec. If you count only the ones that held the office for more than eight months, you can say all of them are from Quebec at least in the last 60 or so years. Same goes for most of the civil service in Ottawa.

The deck has been so stacked in recent years that Canada, like the CBC has become a very expensive, wasteful, dysfunctional excuse of a country whose claim to fame is that we are better than Americans and we care about everything. No one has done more to propagate that myth than that East Coast Idiot, Rick Mercer, who is on one knee praying to a transsexual god (if there is one at all in his world) to save his job. However, that transsexual god is the federal government. That's the problem.

And if you do anything drastic and get caught, don't worry there is an army of judges and counsellors and federal helping elves with high incomes to make sure you are rehabilitated, fed, re-educated and maybe even awarded a nice government job or perhaps a grant to start your own business. That too is the problem.

Endless layers of really smelly crap ..... all on our dime.

You know, I'm thinking a person could go to Ottawa and negotiate into Government, accept big timely bonuses, keep one's mouh closed, often look the other way, and salt away a nice bundle of cash while slurping at the trough.

Naww, not likely, living in the company of fat cats can be poisonous and the slurping sounds would drive me batts.

Staying relativly non- rich in British Columbia seems like paradise to my frugal Scot's like nature. TG
If only more Canadians would work smart instead of working for the unionized civil servants, Canada would be a more productive, tax friendly country to raise a family on a modest income.

We need to vote out the TAX & SPEND LIBERALS!
I sometimes don't respond to anonymous, but in this case, you can sign your own name to that correct opinion any day. TG
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