Monday, October 24, 2005


Old Reiable '87

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This reliable boiler plate sure gets a person around ok. Still looks respectable enough. Not quite as peppy as it once was. Going on 240,000 km or so, but if you put those kms on with an easy gas pedal, then it will just keep jogging along. Other preferred vehicle is the V6 '89 Regency Oldsmobile 98. But it's a low slung smoothie, best suited to paved freeway and smoth city roads. TG

It looks pretty damn good. You've spent a lot of time taking care of it. Different story for my '92 Shadow... Saint John salts its streets in the winter, so the underbody's got the rusties. The two year old replacement rocker panels already have small holes!

136,000 KMS and the entire powertrain still runs like new, even given my really heavy right foot and quick-to-wear tires and front brakes (got a fetish for really exercising the tossable little sedan's surprising handling capabilities). She never burns oil at all.

She's endured two front-offset collisions and is on her third replacement front bumper and both front fenders are also replaced. Both times it was the other guy's fault (my insurance actually went DOWN since the last collision in April and my record remains spotless :-) ). Actually, only for the second collision I was driving.

She's proving far more durable than my first car, the '86 Aries, which really fell apart in a hurry at a younger age.

Y'know... I'd really like to acquire a Hummer H3... but will probably settle for a used compact Japanese suv next...
CS, If you are really Hummer H3 material, you'll want to get yourself a good Jeep Cherokee, say 94 -96 from the want ads for Hummer readyness.

Buy your Jeep or any car from somebody who is easy to classify as *Rich*. and 50 or older.
That way you know the machine has been serviced, cared for and not worn out with Jack-Rabbit driving.

Want ads = wholesale price, no warranty.

Dealer = Retail price and no warranty, no matter what promises you get. Right?

Advice from one who has learned the lessons. TG
I agree with you on that. Private-sales by real car guys are the best. It's a matter of timing and luck.

Used car dealerships sell way-overpriced vehicles. Found that out when checking list prices in Lemon-Aid and prowling the dealer lots.
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