Sunday, October 16, 2005


Like this Yamaha APX 6NA

You should put some of your recordings on your blog Tony.

I quite enjoy music, but to be honest am not too familiar with the different instruments, just how they sound.

But I sure would be interested in hearing some of your creations!
My *creations* are mostly carbon copies of Thunderbirds * Scratch my back* Atkins *Yackety Axe*/ all of Knopkler & Atkins *friends* and don't I wish, Los Indeos Tabajaras'* Maria Elena* and Santana's Black Magic woman ,Ay como va, JJ Cale's Naturally Album, Ry Cooder's Bop til you Drop album and all blues Bobby Blue Bland back to J Huddle *Leadbelly* TG
= Warning ! =

Skype. Lets you talk instantly on the net for free.
That’s Great!…but get your own information on Skype

Do not accept or open Email RE: Skype.
Since October 16th… new Trojan

Alternate news , reviews and exchanges about Canada going down the tubes in a hand basket is great enjoyment. Can’t get enough.

For some lighter narcissistic fun, navel gazing fun, try:

You can get a quality 4 page report on your website there and I guarantee you will find it interesting.

Most interesting, I find, is where you get to see other sites who have taken an interest in you and said nothing about it.

The report is free, however, if you decide to get serious like Angry, Strong, and Kate, you can get a steady one year watch and report for up to 50 blogsites for about $50 Canadian - $44 American.

I think it’s amazing that you can get these free reports from I wonder how much longer that will last? 73s TG
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