Friday, October 28, 2005

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Epoxy sealing of the gem backs takes time, yet all pieces are sealed properly.
Sealing prevents heat / cold stress cracks and contamination from washing soaps or shampoos. Better safe than sorry. Quality comes first.

Blunt logic can be uncomfortable at times, jarring, in fact.

Tolerance is a virtue in people.

Tolerance of crime is itself a crime.

Canadians, to some degree, are criminals.

The logic is sound. Yet you feel uncomfortable.

That's because, like most of us, you too have
done less than you should.

A note or Email to Ottawa demanding that Whistle Blower bill C-11 be beefed up and passed, would get you and I both, off the hook.

We could honestly say we did something.

One copy to Monte Solberg or John Williams and one to Ralph Goodal. 73s TG
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