Friday, October 28, 2005


Gems & Splash

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You can see some of the fire on the larger pieces on the left but the flash tends to wash it out. The fire in the red pieces fail to show here, yet they are the most firey of the whole group. I'll have to do some close ups with natural light before the fire will show as it does in personal viewing.

With my Kodak Z700 digital, I could bring out the details in those... and without a flash. That camera's amazing, and it's only a lower-mid-priced one... so many useful settings one can adjust to meet pretty much any lighting condition.

I've taken pics of trapped blowflies at two inches close-up and gotten spectacular detail.
I like looking at gems, but don't buy many of them.

I love the pics on blogs. It helps make the story more interesting, catches people's eye, and overall adds dimension to the posts.
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