Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Dingwall tidbit

First of all thanks for the invite to post! Here's a little something I found interesting. It's at my blog but I'm putting it here too.

Guité also worked for a string of advertising agencies, which had received large contracts under the sponsorship program. His clients included Compass, Lafleur Communications Marketing, Palmer and Jarvis, Vickers and Benson, Coffin Communications, and Walding International, the firm of former Public Works minister David Dingwall.

As you might remember Walding International turned out to be a fake company, with only three employees, including Dingwall as president of the firm. Yet, this firm is included in the adscam. Now, I'm assuming that this firm was used to pass money under the table. It would seem then that he not only steals money for himself, but for his liberal pals as well. Must be nice to have all that pirated money plus a large government pension. Then again he might be spending it all on gum.

-As a side note, I've been looking for the Walding website but haven't been able to find one. Is there one? I thought it'd be interesting to look at, but then again do fake companies have websites?

Excellent! It's great when friends like em can drop by and raise ones blogsite up a couple of notches with the ease of an expert. Em, Thanks . Very good insight.

What began with Chretien bending the rules a little to gain some opposition to the Bloq and sepratism, blossomed into a huge monster of muti-threaded revenues syphoning that MPs like Dingwall lost all sense of reasonable plundering.

Full corruption no doubt.

You know.. the slippery slope and then quicksand. TG
Good post Em, and welcome to the blogsphere.

On another note, Dingbat was seen leaving Dunn's deli in Ottawa the other day (oh sure, now that he's not on the payroll he eats lunch at cheap Deli's like the rest of us), and not one person recognized him... lmao.
Not one person recognized him 'cause he's Canadian. Not too many folks pay attention to politics, unfortunately. Besides, there's a lot of bald guys with glasses out there, the George Costanza type, you know... and don't y'all think Andy Scott looks just like Costanza?
I wonder if the spelling of Dingwall is related to Dingwell. Did you know that when we moved to PEI we made friends with our neighbors the Dingwells? Here is where the story gets interesting. Near our road is a little bay called Rollo Bay. One day when I was with one of the Dingwells I asked them about the name of this bay as my mom had ancestors by that name. It just so happens that the Dingwell's have the same ancestor! The next coincidence is when I found out that my daughter's birth name is Dingwell but I didnt think there was any relation as we adopted her in Ontario. guessed it, we found out she was a relation of theirs and not only that, knew her mother and sister!!!! I only found all of this out a few years ago when I was there for a visit after forty years of leaving the Island.
Small world no? So I wonder if this naughty mp is related too. Hope not!
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