Friday, October 28, 2005


Craftsman loves Gems, hates selling

= Gems Craftsman =

Today I met an Old-World gems craftsman who had set up a one day Kiosk at our local mall. His work and design was remarkably beyond average.

I know this because I have been in lapidary and semi-precious stones myself. Years ago when I lived in Vancouver B.C. I used to have big rubber polishing drums going day and night. Setting cabochons in silver for pendants and bolos was my thing back then.

This very nice old fellow is in it for the design and creativity. He said *I love working with gems, but I just hate doing any selling.*

I said, I had a couple of web sites, I would be proud to show these magnificent designs and workmanship on my sites anytime.

Another thing about this quiet and kind of shy craftsman, he’s not greedy.
His prices are well below the usual retail, but everything is top quality.

There is beautiful fire opal, Australian milk opal, Lab grown opal and all have great fire, none of this half-dead stuff you see in the big box stores. The pendant cabs of all variety semi-precious types are …..well words are useless. I have to get some pictures.

I bought some cabs of emperor moon jade and I know I could turn them over for a profit right now, but no way. I’m holding them as an investment but they are just too nice for words.

I gave one to a gal and she is thrilled with it. Not just the cab, but the excellent silver work finding it’s set in and the lovely design of the silver chain. Ghad! Why go to a high overhead store?

Yes I’ll be proud to show his work on my web sites and I hope to get pictures very soon. So before you spend big dollars for ho-hum jewellery, be sure to keep this excellent craftsman’s work in mind.

There will be no wheeling and dealing with me. I am no middle-man.
I will show his work here and you will deal with him directly.

He’s an old-world man of his word and if I do send business to him, he will probably give me a piece of his work from time to time.

I am not the least concerned about that. Just being associated with these beautiful works of art is really the main fun for me in this. Besides knowing where to get fabulous works in gems cheap, that is. Check back. Photos soon. TG

Blunt logic can be uncomfortable at times, jarring, in fact.

Tolerance is a virtue in people.

Tolerance of crime is itself a crime.

Canadians, to some degree, are criminals.

The logic is sound. Yet you feel uncomfortable.

That's because, like most of us, you too have
done less than you should.

A note or Email to Ottawa demanding that Whistle Blower bill C-11 be beefed up and passed, would get you and I both, off the hook.

We could honestly say we did something.

One copy to Monte Solberg or John Williams and one to Ralph Goodal. 73s TG
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