Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Most Important Bill C-11 Beefed up!

MPs celebrate Whistle-Blower Bill.

Tory MP Leon Benoit says, * I really believe it is the most important piece of legislation that has come through from Government in this session*.

This is very good news for all Canadians. Bill C-11 has been beefed up and is likely to be very effective, protecting our federal funds from many forms of theft and re-direction / laundering.

Check the Hill Times July 4th issue.

You will find a well written piece and about eight pages of progress on other bills.

Print these eight pages out and you will have an agenda for when Parliament resumes in September.

I am delighted that Bill C-11 is deemed the most important legislation and is featured on the front of these eight pages full of interesting stuff.

Page 4 explains Paul Martin waiting until the very last minute to extend John Reid’s seven-year term. Reid is the access to Information Commissioner.

There is some mention that Reid is a thorn in the Liberals side, and NDP MP Pat Martin suggests the Liberals *Hate John Reid* Surprising insights; not all dry stuff at all.

Bill C-11 should become law in the fall session.

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