Saturday, June 25, 2005


SSM C-38, Later... WBlaw - C-11, Now!

All this deep [but admittedly entertaining writing on SSM] is so simply solved.

Marraige is child based and is called Marraige. Civil Union is adult based and is called Civil Union or Civil Bond. Finis.

SSM affects about 1% of Canadians. Bill C-38
WB law affects 100 % of Canadians in a major way. Bill C-11

Whistle-Blower legislation is immensly valuable and protects our national wealth no matter who is in power. Check Cuts down Govt. dipping into our national cash.

Govt. also dragging feet in the USA on WB law.
Check and

WB law is also an agenda for the UN.

Most Canadians have no idea of it's immense value. Applies to much more than just monies.
We should all scream for C-11. It's great.
73s TG

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