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Love it!

Quebec citizenry not quite so gullible now. Thank heaven.

I always wondered how my part of the Saint Lawrence Seaway was going to be refunded back to me here on Vancouver Island. My part of Quebec hydro too.

I didn't think the Americans would allow the refund of any National assets in Quebec. Hydro Quebec [Labrador], and the Seaway are their Eastern seaboard lifeblood.

The CIA would have assignments galore to deal with in Quebec.

I am from Ville St. Pierre / Montreal West and I know the mixed folks, French and others are friendly, good natured, and every inch Canadian.

As usual the rascals in the wheel- house are the ambitious problem, and want to jump from canal- pilot to ocean captain status overnight.

My friends in Quebec have a great sense of humour, but also a love of red tape.

Borders between Ontario and Newbrunswick would be real friction zones. Travelers would be red in the face as they worked through paper work , paid duties and fees, while guards quipped jokes and chuckled.

What a happy relief that separatism has cooled in Quebec.

Now we have to treat Alberta with consideration and respect.

Many Albertans are madder than a stampede bull with a too tight strap.

They have lots of reason to be mad as hell.
The Libscammers mismanagment of US diplomacy and the locked down border against live Alberta beef and the perception of being robbed by Ottawa.

Let's hope you can find good reasons for your list to keep Alberta in Canadia.

73s TonyGuitar at

See Barbara Kay at No Separatism

thanks for the "stinging Indigtment" reply on SDA. (I'd better get my own blog up and running before I post any more criticisms of the RCMP)- or any other federalflunkygovernment departments for that matter-they have ways to deal with those who cross them....(Delete this comment, svp).
Whooee! TonyFeller, I reckon you hit the nail on the head. Them there agitatin' separatists ain't never gonna get the 50% +1 they need if there's a clear question an' if the federalist side don't cave.

On accounta AdScam, lotsa folks got the dumbass idee that TROC oughta jest sit idly by fiddlin' away while Rome burns. Canajuns (inside an' outside o' Q-beck) who know what's best fer Canadee know we gotta stay united. The Merkins wouldn't take t' a bunch o' banana republics on their border. We think we got Yank troublems now, jest imagine if the CheeseHat declares independence. Yeow!

So TonyBoy, next time there's a referendumb in Q-Beck an' the gummint in Ottywa sez they wanna fight the "Non!" campaign with sum campaign advertisin', whaddya think'll happen?

Yores trooly,
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