Friday, June 10, 2005


Hi Andrew,

May I call you on your wish for a delay for a showdown?

Like you, I have a selfish wish to get all the Gomery information, however there is a question of law.

Law comes before our personal wants.

Liberal officers decided to give open, accurate and unquestionably sound evidence in order to minimize their upcoming criminal sentences.

Grewal recordings demonstrated vote buying at a time of a non-confidence vote count difference of one vote. Tape recording validity at 100% - A-OK by expert.

These facts establish we have a corrupt government holding power on the basis of fraud, and a vote-buying blackmail arrangement with the NDP.

Law, as it pertains to the Governor General and her solemn sworn oath to the honest governance of Canada, takes precedence here.

The Governor General may be found complicit with a corrupt Canadian Government if she fails to carry out her sworn oath.

The Gomery report may well have remained entirely secret as it was to be turned into the frauds who were being investigated. They would certainly have permanently shelved it.

The break in Gomery report secrecy changed everything and was the tipping point.

You may be motivated to protect your position with a lot of technical detail, however, you know the princple outlined here is sound.

73s Anthony Robinson [TonyGuitar]

Great site, TG. Keep up the good work!
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