Friday, June 17, 2005


Govt. in Neutral

Shapiro's frozen inability to do any part of his job we the people are paying him to do, is one more reason to add to the list.

The list that calls for Governor General Clarkson to dissolve Parliament and allow clean-up to get underway.

Government can only continue by way of permission of the NDP Party. WE did not vote for or elect the NDP Government.

The Grewal recordings are hard, authenticated evidence of Criminal Confidence vote buying.

This evidence points to the ministry seat provided for Ms. Stronach as based upon similar fraud for confidence vote dealings.

No one argues or questions that this is fact.

Demonstrating in front of the Governor General's mansion is the effective scene to create for at least a beginning of public awareness through the media.
Placard should read.. *Do Sworn Duty* or *Dissolve House Now*.

Any ideas that are more effective ? 73s TG

You can bet your passport that if parliament sat in Calgary or Saskatoon for a month there would be the sort of protests you talk about.But it's southern Ontario. You could bus in fifty people from the west to protest and it wouldn't even make the news.

I agree with you about the Grewal recordings. It seems so radical to state the obvious. It's just horrifying how something like that can be spun around.

Nice to see your site, TG. Your heart is evident and you have a way of keeping things real in the comments section of other blogs when people start blowing too hard.

More proof IT IS TIME FOR THE REVOLUTION! How much more of this BS before we take up arms and defend truth, democracy and freedom? We as a nation used to punish criminals, now we allow them to hold office? The TIME is NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice detective work you're sharing with us, we like your cutting edge writing style.
By the way, I still have all my old 1970's Guitar Player Magazines, my 1970 Gibson Les Paul Custom is still sitting in the basement. funny how the music gets waylaid sometimes. Keep up the good work.

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