Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Governor General letter

Anthony Robinson 197 - 2401 Cliffe Ave -3 Courtenay B.C. V9N 2L5

Governor General of Canada
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa Ontario June 2nd, 2005

Dear Governor General,

This letter is a formal written request that you announce the dissolution of Parliament. There are many reasons clearly evident to every Canadian.
The house of commons is currently wasting Canada’s valuable time. They should be debating bills in the house, not the validity of scandal tapes.

The present party in power has proven to be totally incompetent as they have been unable to stem the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars of our National revenues, on-going for well over ten continuous years now.

Over ten years ago, Mr. Allan Cutler blew the whistle on phantom invoices that he refused to sign in Mr. Guite’s office. The W.B. law was without teeth. Mr. Cutler was sacked and as we know, hundreds of millions continued to evaporate through the Guite office.

Today, in the house of commons, there are no motions to enact law to protect our National revenues. There are proposals to enact Whistle-Blower Protection law, but without penalty provisions to ensure effectiveness.

Also, even though Mr. Martin promised this, there are no tabled proposals for Individual Ministry and departmental Accounts and Audit controls.

Time is marching on, and Canada’s government can not afford to limp along in this crippled manner any longer.

There is no point waiting for the completion of the Gomery Inquiry as Prime Minister Martin knows, it will be delivered to his lame Liberal Party and there is no legal obligation to act upon the findings at all. Attempts at secrecy failed. The evidence is public knowledge anyway.

The faulty Liberal Government is in a desperate and stalled mode. They gave 4.6 billion in concessions to N.D.P. demands just to hold N.D.P. voting loyalty. This is criminal and not legislation by debate as Canadians have a right to expect. It smacks more of blackmail.

Please shut down the non-working commons now and allow Canadians to vote.

Sincerely, A. Robinson

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