Sunday, May 08, 2005



Why Bother to Vote?

[1] To keep from losing freedoms. Freedoms you may not feel now. But, you will feel the pain when they are lost. You will also not be throwing away everything that thousands of Canadians gave up their lives for during three or more wars. Don’t let it happen.

[2] To keep your healthcare and pensions. Canada is rich in natural wealth and so, can afford to provide us with life enhancing benefits. Corporations want that wealth to be added to their profits bottom line. They financially support conservative and right leaning political parties to do that. Don’t let it happen.

[3] Because it’s so Easy. You just walk in. Check your name and address on the list. Mark your ballot and drop it into the box.

Just twenty minutes so you can say you did your part to save our world famous Health care and Pensions and protect our most precious freedoms.

I thought I would never get ’old’. Well everybody does and if health care doesn’t crash and burn, You will get there too someday. I do not feel old. Am still doing things I did when I was 39.

The reason Health care is so important is that it may be why I feel so young at 65. Thankfully, because government pensions are healthy and generous, I can really enjoy life rather than be forced to learn how to dumpster dive..

Dumpster diving may seem like fun for some people, but I would rather avoid it. Please do vote OK? It’s for your gain as well as mine.

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