Friday, May 20, 2005


Revenue Safeguards

Canadian Tax Dollar Revenues Safeguards

Honorable Ralph E. Goodale
Minister of Finance

I, and other Canadians watch with alarm as our Canadian Quality of life ebbs away daily. Yet your Government has reaped huge new sources of national general income. These examples come to mind.

@ Massive revenues flowing in from the relatively recent national GST tax.

@ Great windfall revenue increases from widespread lotteries and gaming.

@ A surge in auto fuel tax revenues with big 20% petroleum price increase.

@ Huge cash flows from Airport Security surcharges and other various fees.

With these sources of massive added revenues , our health-care and other social programs should be thriving, not failing. A two year plus wait for knee surgery is a disgrace in view of increased gross national income.

What steps have your government taken to stop the wholesale loss of citizen’s tax dollars? == When will Whistle-Blower protection law be enacted?==

What steps have your government taken to demonstrate that excellent and effective checks and balances are in place to guarantee fair and complete accounting of all government revenues?

When will individual Department Account and Audit laws be enacted to protect our National tax-paid Wealth == as per PM Martin’s promise during his CBC television address to Canadians? ==

Your reply will be carefully considered and will certainly influence how we vote in the up-coming election.

Sincerely, Tony Robinson

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