Friday, May 13, 2005


Ouch!... to Common Sense

Common Sense?

Common sense is enough to give you a migrain at times.

Help please! WHERE IS THE LOGIC for giving 450 Million Tax Dollars to Bombardiere for making new aircraft when after propping up our national airline, another carrier declared bankruptcy on the CBC news today? May 13/05.

I believe it was Jetsgo or similar.

How can Paul Martin and the Crippled Liberals justify another donation to Quebec?

How can the Liberals expect to get any votes from the West with another dump of our tax revenue into Quebec?

Is it now standard practice for all Canadian Governments to flame out on some sort of aircraft related scandle? (ie the Mulrooney Conservatives - Airbus).

Soon the Liberals will be history and I wouldn't be surprised if the NDP came through strongly from behind, because everyone tells me they do not trust Harper and his Corporate bottom line focus.

Sorry about this rant on an impulse, but does anyone else see the politically stupid nature and timing of this $450 million gift of our money to a Quebec darling?

You don't suspect that some of those funds could be spirited through Bombadiere to friends and croneys of the Liberal Party whose days in power are numbered, do you?

Damn, I am so suspicious. There must be some reason for it.

73s TonyGuitar

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