Friday, May 20, 2005


Martin's Promise

Accurate Account

To: The Honorable Ralph E. Goodale May 8, 2005
Minister of Finance
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa Ontario

Dear Sir,

During Prime Minister Paul Martin’s recent television address to Canadians, he stated that accounting controls would be installed for every Ministry and government department.

I was amazed to learn that controls were not already in place at individual department level. However I am delighted that Mr. Martin is installing them.

This letter is, with respect, a request for a summary of the proposed bill white paper, and the number designation for the bill.

If departmental controls can be installed by order in council, all the better.
No opposition would dare argue against it. House of Commons debate time and money would be saved.

How promptly your government enacts the public revenue safeguards
that Prime Minister Martin promised to install during his recent CBC TV appearance, will have a direct bearing on how our votes will be cast.

Undecided, Anthony Robinson

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